Improving Our Grocery Shopping

This morning I woke up and the weather was just like yesterday! Cold! I even made a snowball from the ice that was stuck to my windshield!

Hello, Snow!

Lame I know, but it’s not everyday I get to defrost my windows in the morning! I am a born and raised Floridian, so, although it has been frightfully cold outside, I get kind of excited about it!

Our Serious Grocery Shopping Problem

Brett and I have recently come to terms with the fact that we are horrible at grocery shopping. Our problems stems from the following reasons:

  • When we shop we always buy and spend way too much, and most of the fresh produce goes to waste
  • We are constantly going out of town to visit family, and never consider doing a smaller shop even when we know we are leaving for the weekend
  • We don’t plan our meals, so we usually end up with all snacks or lunch foods, and no dinner!
  • We get bored with the same old dishes and end up going out to eat anyways, even though we just went grocery shopping

So, starting in 2011, we are taking a stand and finally going to learn how to grocery shop efficiently, to save money and eat healthy. Our new year is going to consist of smart, healthy and most important, organized!

It is important for us to start saving money, as much as we love going out to eat, and start eating healthy so that we are in the best shape, physically and financially, for this upcoming year! I am actually really excited to start researching new recipes and start cooking more.

1. First thing is first, we need to start a menu plan.

For us, the most dreadful part of the day is when we ask each other, “What’s for dinner?” So I have decided to create a menu plan for the following reasons:

  • It will help us save money by purchasing only the foods necessary for meals for the week that we are shopping for. We will have to plan our meals accordingly so that leftovers could be used for lunches or for meals the following night.
  • It will save us time. Instead of thinking about what we are going to have for dinner for the night, we will be able to prepare foods for a healthy dinner, or even get some things done around the house.
  • It will improve our eating habits. We are also going to try our best to stay on a healthy diet this year, especially for our wedding in October.

I found this printout on I am going to post it on the fridge and I think it will help us plan out our food for the week.

2. We have realized that a big part of staying consistent during the week with grocery shopping and cooking is knowing that there is something to look forward to during the weekend to change things up. If we continue eating extremely healthy and staying in, we end up craving the delicious (and fatty) foods at restaurants, and the experience of going out to eat, even more. So, we have decided that we aren’t going to deprive ourselves of a night or two out to eat for a change of pace over the weekends.

I am excited to start cooking more and will be sure to let you all know how it goes!


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