There is such thing as a sexy workout!


This week, my friends and I decided to switch up our workout routine, and go for something a little more, well….sexy!

There is a new fitness club in the Orlando Area, and it is all about looking and feeling sexy while working out! Vixen Fitness is located right behind Universal Studios on Turkey Lake Road.

Vixen Fitness

It is an all women’s fitness club that specializes in all types of sexy fitness classes, such as Flexy Sexy, Chairlicious Cardio, Spinderella Bike, and my favorite, Pole Dancing! We tried out a Beginner Pole Class last night, and Wow was it hard! We left the studio with our arms aching already! It really is a great upper body workout and was a lot of fun!

My Favorite move of the night!

That move you see there looks pretty easy, but my legs were burning!! The pros do those tricks with such ease, but it is really hard!

I would recommend this studio to any women who loves to dance and feel sexy while working out. It was a great change of pace to a normal workout at the gym.  What a great workout! I think we are going to take Go Go Dancing Next! :)

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