Beautiful Weekend in Orlando

This past weekend in Orlando was so beautiful! The weather was sunny with a cool breeze, and was actually hot if you were sitting in the direct sun! So nice! We decided to spend the majority of the weekend outside!


Friday night, our friends Fabiana and Matt invited us over for dinner. They were cooking fish tacos, but they weren’t any fish tacos! They had an Asian flair! The fish was marinated in a delicious sauce, and there was an orange-soy sauce for topping! On the side they served fresh steamed veggies.

The Taco Table

Dig in!

Fabiana is a great baker, so we were excited to try her oatmeal raisin cookies. They were delicious and soft, just how I like them! The four of us pretty much killed this plate within 20 minutes of finishing dinner! Some of us, meaning Brett, even started before dinner! :)

Cinnamon Raisin Goodness!

I begged her for the recipe, and she said it was out of a box! I couldn’t believe it! Apparently it was Raisin Brand’s oatmeal cookie mix! It is actually their only cookie mix, and you can tell they put a lot of effort into making it so delicious! I am totally getting this the next time I am craving cookies!

Cookie Mix

After dinner we introduced Fabi and Matt to Spartacus, our new favorite show, and played with their new born son, who was so good! Or tried to anyways, he slept the whole time! He is too cute for words!

Baby Matthew


I woke up Saturday, and after snuggling with my family….


Holy Morning Face...

I heading to the gym for a morning spin class, that seriously woke me up! I felt like I rode in the Tour de Orlando or something! It was a great start to the morning, though. I came home and made my self a bowl of cereal by mixing Multi Grain Cheerios and Kashi Go Lean Crunch.


Perfect mix!

Add the Milk!

After breakfast, Brett and I got sucked into our favorite show, which is Spartacus: Gods of the Arena. The season is going on right now and we don’t get the movie channels, in this case Starz, but for some reason the new episodes are coming up on our Netflix earlier than the actual airing of the show! We checked to see if this coming week’s episode was up yet, and sure enough….it was! We had to watch it even though it was 12 in the afternoon! After another great episode, we decided to go to lunch somewhere outside to enjoy the beautiful weather.

We just found out that a Brickhouse opened here in Orlando! We went there once in Tampa and it was delicious!

Orlando Brickhouse!

I remember the chicken parm sandwich being so good, so I had to get it again. It did not disappoint! I went with a healthy side and got a huge portion of steamed broccoli!

Hello Lunch....or should I say goodbye?

After lunch, we drove around International Drive, stopping by the Ale House for a cold one, and then headed home to relax. We chose to stay in for the night and ended up ordering a pizza and watched the Social Network. I was a little hesitant to watch this movie at first because it didn’t appeal to me or seem that interesting.  I was surprised at how good it was! It was really neat to see how this one college kid, my age, came up with the idea of facebook and practically changed how we communicate and live now days! I thought the movie was going to be all about scheming and turning friends into enemies, which I don’t like, but it all turned out good for everyone in the end, and the story was very interesting!


Sunday was another gorgeous day,  perfect for riding with the top down!

Top Down Baby!

Brett and I made plans to meet some friends downtown for lunch at 903 Mills Market. They have a great outside seating area and the menu and beer and wine list is huge! We decided to bring little Winston along to meet with his buddy LeRoy. (That’s pronounce Leh-Roy, not Lee-Roy :))

903 Mills Market

Come on Win!

Brett has been here once before and said the sandwiches were amazing, so I had to try one! I couldn’t decided because there were so many, but I went with a Chicken and Pesto Wrap.

Wrap, with Magic #9 in the background!

Best Friends!

It was so good and the pesto was really flavorful! After lunch we wanted to go watch the Magic game somewhere so we took a walk with the pups downtown until we could find a place with open seats and TVs. Downtown Orlando was hoppin’! We finally found an outside  spot at Anthony’s pizza and plopped down right in front of the TV. Even though we just ate, I wanted pizza so bad because it spelled so good and looked delish! But I withheld my urge!

The pups were getting so tired, so we decided to head out at half time.

Tired Win

We got home and watch TV for a little, discovering what is now our new favorite channel….the Cooking Channel! It is a spin off channel from the Food Network and is so neat! One of my favorite shows that we saw was Restaurant Impossible, which is all about restaurant owners whose business is about to go under and need serious help. The host steps in and trains the managers and staff to create new menu items and perfect their customer service skills! They revamped the whole restaurant and gave it a new look, tried new marketing strategies, and in the end help the restaurant stay on its feet! It was very fun to watch!

Speaking of new restaurants, Brett and I tried something new that night for dinner: Lime Fresh Mexican Grill. It just opened up on Turkey Lake and is similar to Chipotle or Moe’s.  What I really liked about the menu is the low-carb and wheat tortillas that you can choose for any dish. The meat is also humanly raised, and they have an awesome salsa bar! I wanted to try everything on the menu but ended up going for this:

Lime Menu Selections!

The Lite Quesadilla! And Brett got the Big Cali Burrito. Both items were very good, and I like that they come with chips! We love Chipotle, but I hate that they don’t give chips with their entrées! I love chips and salsa, it is my favorite part of Mexican Cuisine! :)

Nom nom nom....

And that was our last weekend before our road trip to Georgia! See ya then!


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