Road Trip to Georgia!

This past weekend was a nice long get away to Smyrna, Georgia to visit my cousins and their kids, who I hadn’t met yet! It was such a great weekend filled with good food, and good company! It was nice to introduce Brett to the fam before the wedding, too!


We started our adventure at 7:30am on Friday morning and headed to drop Winston off at the Animal Hospital. We boarded him there for a few days and he was due for his annual, so we killed 2 birds with one stone! I was sad to see the little guy go though, but we knew he was going to be treated well! Bye Buddy!

The drive wasn’t too long, and we got to Symrna, which is only 15 minutes from Atlanta, at around 3:00pm! My cousin, Adam, was still at work, so he recommended that we meet him at a pub near his work called Six Feet Under! The upstairs bar had a great view of the city!

View of Atlanta from Six Feet Under

Drinkin' in the Breeze

Unfortunately, the sun decided to disappear right when we got up there, so we ended up finishing up our drinks downstairs in the warmth.

For dinner, Adam set the bar high and took us to a great local place called Muss & Turners. They had a great beer and wine list and a gourmet style menu, at a great price! We told Adam that the restaurant needed better sign-age cause we couldn’t find it at first! He said they keep it they way for a reason! It is a gem!

Muss & Turner's.... At Night

We started with some of their cheese selections, and it was served with almonds, which added a great flavor to the cheese!

Fancy Cheese Plate

My sandwich was delicious! I got a Turkey Dinner on a sandwich! It had a crispy stuffing layer and a cranberry dressing on it, on a challah roll! The fries were served a la carte, so we shared an order. I don’t normally go for fries, but because these were made fresh right from the potato in house, I was a go! They were delicious! So, Adam set the bar pretty high, food wise, on the first night! We knew we were in for a treat on this trip!

My First Meal in Atlanta!

Nom, nom, nom...delish!

Brett's first bite...

I think he likes it!

Finishing up...with full bellies!

Everyone was asleep by the time we were finished with dinner and we decided to take it easy afterwards and head home to Adam’s place and call it a night!


The next day, Brett and I woke up really early, and got to meet the kids, and Trisha (Adam’s Wife) for the first time! We played with the kids all morning, and Adam made us a very delicious and welcoming breakfast of blueberry pancakes with fresh fruit! It was the perfect breakfast to fuel us on our hike up Desoto Falls.  We drove about an hour to get up the mountain to where the Desoto Falls Trail started, I had to give the wheel to Brett cause I was getting nauseous going up all the windy roads while my ears popped!

It's time to hike!

Desoto Falls

Beginning the Trail

Being adventurous!

Trying to cross the creek!

Steep Climb!

We reached the top!

The weather was beautiful, and so was the scenery! The hike up to Desoto Falls took us about an hour and a half, and we worked up an appetite!

Our next plan was to visit Wolf Mountain Vineyards, which was on our way back down the mountain we drove up.

Wolf Mountain Vineyards

Grand Entrance

We each ordered the Reserve wine tasting package, which included 3 champagnes, 2 whites, and 3 reds. The wines were so good! We loved reading the descriptions of each and really tasting the flavors described!

The Wine Sample List

My favorite thing is wine and cheese together, so we had to order a cheese plate to go with our wines! I love the flavor of the combination of gourmet cheeses and good wine.

Amazing Cheese Tray!

While drinking our last glass of wine, Brett and I sat outside on the deck to enjoy the weather and the amazing view. The Winery had an amazing view!

The view from the deck.

Foggy Mountains...

Bare Vineyards.....

(It was winter so the vines were not blooming with juicy grapes! The picture above almost looks like a graveyard at first! )

Last Glass of wine...Great View!

It was time to head home, and by the time we got there it was practically dinner time! When we arrived home, the kids were napping and Adam had already started dinner! It was perfect timing. We sat around and enjoyed each others company while dinner was cooking. We were the first to try a new recipe that Adam found. It’s not gourmet people, just my cousin’s cooking…but it looks like it :)

Looks Gourmet! Yum!

It was a chicken bake with a sweet mustard-like sauce, with ham, spinach, and mushrooms, over rice. A salad was served on the side. I thought Brett was going to eat the whole pan full! It was a very delicious home-cooked meal!

After dinner, Brett and I headed down to the guest room to relax before hitting the hay. We totally found the next episode of Spartacus on demand, so we watched it before going to sleep! :) (By the way, we totally got Adam hooked on the show! Yes!)


The next day we planned on taking a family trip to the Georgia Aquarium! We headed out early and stopped off for breakfast on the way.

Stopping for Breakfast

Brett and I wanted to keep the restaurants new and different, so we went to New yorker Deli, instead of the other option, Einstein’s Brothers Bagels.  I had a bagel and lox breakfast sandwich, which went un-pictured because I gobbled it down to quickly! I also nibled on some of Brett’s breakfast potatoes, which were addicting!

Next stop: The Georgia Aquarium!

Brett's excited!

The aquarium was so much fun! The kids loved it and we had such a great time with them, and Adam and Trisha of course!

The Whole Fam!

Awesome Tunnel!

Big Grouper!

We almost got through the whole aquarium, but the kids were getting tired, so Trish and Adam took them home to nap, and Brett and I continued exploring.

River Scout....seemed too familiar for Brett!

Across from the aquarium was the World of Coke! I took a picture with Mr. Coke, before heading back to the car.

In front of the World of Coke

For lunch, Brett and I found a place in Atlanta call Vortex Grill, which was featured on one of our favorite shows, Man vs. Food! We loved the episode that this restaurant was featured in and we knew that we had to go there to experience it for ourselves!

When we got there, there was a line out the door! The very strange looking door!!

Vortex Grill

We headed to the bar to get a drink while we  waited around for about 20 minutes for a table. It was well worth the wait!

So excited for our burgers!

Brett and I got the same burger (Mine without bacon though) It had an incredible blue cheese spread, and sauteed mushrooms. I am not usually a burger person, but I am so glad that I ordered one here! It was delicious!!

Blue Cheese Burger with Sauteed Mushrooms


I am pretty sure we were in a food coma after this meal, and needed to head home pronto to rest it off!

After Lunch we headed home to Adam and Trisha’s quaint little townhouse where we relaxed, and played with the kids and enjoyed each other’s company some more while we slowly digested our burgers!

Our residence for the weekend!

Playing with Baby Hudson!


After chilllin’ with the family, we finally got an appetite again and was ready for our next dinner venture! Adam felt very pressured to find us a great place, and we were in the mood for pizza! It was pretty late by the time we got out the door ready to eat, but he found us another gem! We got probably the most amazing pizza I have ever had! Brett thought so too, and he is an experienced pizza eater!

We started off with an appetizer of a fresh caprese salad.

Fresh tomato & mozzarella caprese salad

Next was our pizza creation! We ordered a chicken parmesean pizza and added mushrooms, onions, and sun dried tomatoes! Amazing!


We ate every last piece!! And to think, Brett and I were so full after lunch to have such a big dinner! And to top it off….we ordered dessert!!!




We pretty much couldn’t move after this day of deliciousness!! We slept like babies that night!


Monday was our last day in Georgia, and we had grand food finally! For lunch we went to Mary Mac’s Tea Room. Adam said it has been around for a really long time and is known for its delicious southern home cookin’!

Mary Mac's

Eating butter out of a straw!Silly Sadie!

When we sat down, warm rolls and corn bread were brought to us, and I scarfed it down it was so good! For an appetizer, Adam ordered fried green tomatoes, since we told him we have bever tried them before. They were so good!!

Fried Green Tomato

I couldn’t decide on what to get because everything looked amazing. I finally decided to get the chicken pot pie with mac ‘n’ cheese and broccoli souffle.

Good ol' Southern Cookin'

It doesn’t even look like that much food, but after we were done, Brett and I needed to get up and walk around somewhere cause we were so stuffed!! The kids were ready for their naps after lunch and Trisha and Adam pointed us in the direction of a nice area of town to take a walk in, so we headed out after taking a group photo!

Stuffed to the brim, but smilin'!


We walked around an cute area of town called Virginia Highlands with really nice shops! There was a paper source store too which I explored for wedding invitation ideas!


Virginia Highlands

So, even though I was pretty full, walking around did take the edge off, and then I came across one of these:

Yogurt bar!

Yogli Mogli! A Georgia frozen yogurt bar! It was so good! Fresh fruit and all their yogurts were low fat and so creamy and flavorful!

Nom, nom, nom....

We left soon after me finishing my yogurt cup and headed back to the house. We ended up staying in and ordering food from a BBQ restaurant. I ended up just getting a salad cause I felt like I needed some veggies! But the meat was smoked chicken and was really good! I also nibbled on some pulled pork, and the BBQ sauce was delish!

We chatted with the fam for the remainder of the night, and Trisha showed me all of their wedding photo albums, which I loved! While we were on that topic, Brett and I asked Trisha and Adam if Sadie would like to be our flower girl at our wedding! They were so excited and thrilled that we asked them, and I know she is going to be great! I am so glad we took this trip to Georgia, and Brett and I are already trying to plan our next get together with them!

My Little Flower Girl!!

We had an amazing time over the weekend and couldn’t have asked for a better stay!!! I miss you guys already!! Can’t wait to see you soon! :)




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