Grown-Up Spring Break

Every year, around Spring Break time, Brett’s whole family, pretty much, goes to Ana Maria Island to celebrate Spring and enjoy the beach, weather, and good company! I always look forward to spending time with them, and it is such a beautiful location!

This past weekend, Brett picked me up right from work to head over to the West Coast and drive over to the Island! We got to Haley’s Motel, a really cute really beachy little place that we pretty much filled every room with our party, at the perfect time! Everyone was just coming up from watching the sunset on the beach and started grilling right as we pulled up!

It was perfect timing, and before I could even bring my things into our room, I had a glass of wine in my hand! It was a great welcome!

Helping myself to Debi's amazing homemade potato salad!

Not ready for the camera! Haha

Everyone hung around the grill on the porch of Haley’s Motel until about 10 pm, just catching up and chatting while drinking wine and eating delicious foods! It was a great night and we were ready for bed! I was so excited to wake up and be on the beach, especially after the horrible rainy weather we had been having in Orlando.

In the morning, Steve (in the above picture, left of me) was my running partner! I heard him say he liked to run, so I asked if he would want to go in the morning!  At around 9 am, we started off on a 6 mile run around the tip of the Island! It was so pretty! It was a great start to the morning!

After our run, we cooled down, rinsed off, and had breakfast before we headed to the gorgeous beach!

Perfect Day!

Lounging out!


Playing with little Nathan!

After spending a couple hours on the beach, it was time for lunch! There was so much food that everyone brought, so I made a delicious turkey sandwich on a toasted english muffin! Yum!

Lunch Time!

I also had some grapefruit on the side! I didn’t always like grapefruit, but I gave it a try and this brand, Del Monte, of grapefruit was delicious! It was really refreshing!

Juicy Grapefruit!

Back to the beach to play!

Soaking up the sun!

Filling up the wagon with and and water!

Baby Kendall

We hung out at the beach until sunset, but headed up to get drinks before sitting on the beach to watch it!

Heading back to the beach!

Watching the sunset!

Gathered around!

Silly Nathan!


After watching the gorgeous sunset, we headed back up to the motel to grill up again for dinner. We feasted, drank, and talked, and I got to hold little baby Kendall! So precious!

Holding little Kendall!

I didn’t want this day to end, because Sunday was our last day, but we were all exhausted form being out in the sun all day, and it was time to head to bed.

The next day, Brett and I decided to start the day off with a bike ride up the island to breakfast.

Bike riding on Ana Maria Island

Since it was a Sunday, the Island was hopping for breakfast and it took us a little while to find a place that would seat us! It was ok, though, cause we worked up a great appetite on the bikes. Finally we ended up at Paradise Cafe, and we were able to order immediately. I was so in the mood for a bagel and lox, and it was soooo good!

Fresh and Delicious!!

After breakfast, it was so fun to hop on our bikes and head home! We saw a crowd near a marina on our way back and stopped to see what they were looking at…..there were three manatees! It was so neat!


Can you see them?

So pretty!

After breakfast, Brett and I laid out some more on the beach and took a little walk before we had to pack up and go. It was a great time to get away and enjoy the beach and the family, and we were really sad to go. On our way back we did hit up our favorite west coast pub, Peggy’s, for my favorite Greek salad, before heading back to the real world. :)

The Best!


Ana Maria Island, thank you once again for a fantastic weekend! Until next year!

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