Home for the Weekend

This weekend, I took Friday off of work to head home to Wellington and get some things done for the wedding! My mom and I worked on the invitations and we finally found a design that we love! Once we find out the absolute correct time to put on it, we will start printing! It makes me feel so good now that that is pretty much done, and printing them won’t be very hard at all! (After I send them out, I will post them for you to see :) )

We left Thursday night, after work so that we could get an early start on the day. We woke up early on Friday and headed to the gym before my mom and I started working on the invitations. My good friend Loreyn was in town from Tampa, and my friend Nicole (both my bridesmaids)  wanted to come up from Fort Lauderdale to visit too, so we decided to have a girls night in, plus Brett and my Dad! :)

We went shopping and got all types of appetizers , of course cheese and crackers, and wine and just chatted away!

So many apps!

Nom, nom, nom...

My Girls!

Nicole spent the night since she lives a little farther away, and hung out with us all day Saturday too! I left Brett and Nicole bright and early to meet my friends at our usual Cardio Kickboxing class, which was interesting after a night of drinking all that wine and eating all that cheese!

After the class, I got home and everyone started waking up. My mom cooked us breakfast and then we met up with some friends at a nail salon for pedicures!

After pedicures, Nicole, my Mom, and I headed to the mall to do some shopping! I tried on about 3 different white dresses to possibly wear to the rehearsal dinner, but nothing really sparked any of us to want to buy one. We will keep looking! I did get some much needed make up though!

I love shopping for makeup.

For dinner, we celebrated Passover, since it was coming up and I was home. My mom cooked up homemade potato pancakes, and Matzo Ball Soup! Yum!

Frying up the pancakes!

Gotta have sour cream and apple sauce!

Hot and Fresh!

Matzo Ball Soup!

Nicole stayed for dinner, once she heard what we were having!

Bringing out more pancakes!

I think she was pretty excited! :)

After dinner, she had to get home to do school work, and Brett and I started to get ready to go meet some friends at the World of Beer on Clematis. I had a really interesting beer mixed drink, called a fruit cocktail. It had fruit in it! Just my style!

The night went on pretty late and we stopped for pizza on the way back to the car, of course. I had a spinach, tomato and ricotta slice that hit the spot! Yum!

The next morning, my mom and I had to head out early to get a baby shower gift for my friend Tina’s shower. We got her the cutest little bathing suit for her soon-to-be daughter, Madison! :) I just love shopping for babies!! So fun!

When we got there is was decorated so cute! Everything was pink!

Too Cute!

We started off with lunch, which was an array of appetizers, and sandwich platters. It was so good to stuff my face after a night out on the town! :)


After we all filled our bellies, we played all types of fun games like guess which melted chocolate bar is in each of 9 diapers! It was pretty gross, but really fun!

Playing the Dirty Diaper Game!

after we played games we watched Tina open all her gifts and she got some great stuff! I love seeing what everyone gives, and Tina loved our gift!

Our Pink Cover up! So cute!

After presents, we had to get going since I had a long drive ahead back to Orlando. We all got together for a few photos before we headed out.

Candid Shot!

The Girls.

Holding the belly

We love Tina!

I love that Tina is pregnant! It is so exciting! She is due in September so I am so excited to see baby Madison!! What an exciting time!!

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