Happy Easter!

Last weekend was Easter, and we usually go over to Brett’s parent’s house to celebrate with the fam. This year we headed over there early on Saturday morning. Brett and his dad went to go play golf and I went out with my soon-to-be mother-in-law :) to run some errands and then went to a movie.  Our movie choice was between Soul Surfer and The Lincoln Lawyer. I was in the mood to watch cute boys, so we decided on Lincoln Lawyer.

The Lincoln Lawyer

I loved the movie! It was really suspenseful and kept me interested the whole time! I felt bad for seeing it without Brett, so I will probably, and gladly, watch it again! After the movie, we got home and it was late afternoon, so I was tired from the drive and running around. I ended up taking a nap on the couch and before I knew it the boys were home!

Plans for dinner were to go to one of our favorite spots, Ozona Blue. It is a pool/marina/bar/restaurant. Pretty good combination if you ask me!

We were just in time for Happy Hour, and were served bread right when we sat down. Perfecto!

Perfect Combo.

I had one of the best fish dishes I think I have ever had that night too! It was a pecan crusted tilapia with a spicy thai sauce, served with zucchini pomodoro. Yumm!

My compliments to the chef!

And for dessert…..a Key Lime Pie. I could only snap a picture of the empty plate unfortunately.

My Favorite!

That goes to show how good it was though! :)

After dinner, Brett and I weren’t quite ready to unwind, so we decided to go out to a movie! (I get on movie kicks and once I see one in the theater, I have to see them all!) This time, we went to go to Limitless, with Bradley Cooper, who I must say is my favorite actor right now. :)


This movie was really good too. I left the theater thinking that The Lincoln Lawyer was a better movie, but later in the weekend I found myself thinking about the movie Limitless a lot, and how awesome that would be! (“That” meaning what you have to find out when you watch it :) hehe ) All in all, it was a good day of movie watching! I was not disappointed with either one!

It was pretty late when we arrived back at Brett’s parent’s house, so we will the hay.

The next morning Brett and I started off early by stopping by the cemetery to leave some flowers for his Grandfather. It is a tradition he has kept for years, and this was actually the first time that I went with him.

The orange slices are something Brett always leaves, because they remind him of when he would go to his house, and Grandpa Marx would always have a bowl of them there waiting!

After our first stop, we headed over to the Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club for brunch.  Little Nathan got to participate in an egg hunt before we got there! So cute! When we got to the buliding where the brunch was being held, we waited in the lobby to let us in, and took pictures while we waited.

The Waiting Area, Lobby

Brett's giving Nathan his Easter Card

The buffet was amazing! I started off slow so that I could enjoy every minute of it! I started off light with some fruist and some chilled marinated shrimp.

First Course

Next, I had to decided between a crepe and an omelete, and went for the crepe! I split a sweet and savory one with Brett.

Sweet strawberries and whipped cream...

Savory chicken roasted veggies and 4 cheese sauce...

Next was the big plate! But we had to take a small picture break first….

The boys...

Family on the other end of the table...

Kelly with the kids, Nathan and Kendall!

For my big plate I got a slice of roast beef, pork, spinach mixed with artichokes, salmon, some boursin cheese and veggie stuffed pastry and veggies.

Big Plate

I was so stuffed afterwards, of course! But not stuffed enough for dessert! I actually stole a cookie from the kids buffet! What? It was really good! hehe :)

Coffee and dessert.

Everyone was pretty stuffed after brunch, and we hung out just a little while to digest before heading back home to exchange little Easter gifts.

"You're funny," said Nathan

I got this little guy for Easter…

Lindt Bunnies are the best!


Nom nom nom...

Little Winnie got a present too!

Eintein's Doggie Bagel!

Happy Eater Winnie!

Easter? What's that? Nom nom nom...

Thanks Mom!

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  1. Dad
    April 28, 2011 at 2:34 am (7 years ago)

    You make me hungry!

    • Jane
      May 4, 2011 at 1:19 pm (7 years ago)

      That’s the goal! :)


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