Talent Show Fundraiser

This past Friday night, my work put on a Fundraiser for Japan! They auditioned tons of cast members and chose the top 15 performances to showcase as the entertainment for the night.  We have some really talented people working at my hotel! There was also a silent auction with all types of great hotel stays and dining gift certificates!

The dress was formal and everyone was asked to wear black with a splash of chic. It was fun to dress up!

All Dressed up!


We were served dinner before the entertainment, and it was very good! We started off with a salad, with a delicious citrus vinaigrette dressing. I gobbled it down so fast, and soon after came this dish:

Surf and Turf!

I don’t normally get to enjoy a dish like this so I enjoyed every bite! Everything was prepared perfectly!

Next was dessert, which my hotel is known for, because of our world-champion pastry chef!

Special Dessert Trio

This dessert tray was a trio of some chocolate mouse truffle, a raspberry vanilla custard type thing, and a mango flavored little cake thingy. :) They were all very unique and I ate all three!

After dinner, we enjoyed some coffee while the talent performed.

The Band

There were a lot of singers, and they were all really good! At the end of the performances, we all got to vote for which one we liked the best, and they awarded the top 3 with trophies! It was a very fun night!


My girls from work!

The event took all of the night on Friday, and we ended up headed home around 11pm. It was a lot of fun! I always enjoy going to my hotel’s events because the food is great and it is nice to see your co-workers outside of the office for a fun night out!

Saturday was a day full of indulgences for Brett and I! First, we woke up and I cooked us up a gourmet breakfast. I made a mushroom and cheese omlete, peanut butter taost, and even brought a berry scone home from work to enjoy with my coffee!

Welcome to Jane's Cafe Bar

My Plate, I added a strawberry :)

After breakfast, Brett and I headed out for a day at Universal Studios! I won 2 tickets at work the other day, so Brett and I were really excited! We haven’t seen the New Harry Potter part of Islands of Adventure yet, so we were ready to go! As we got into the car, I double checked that I had the tickets, and to our disappointment, we saw that April 30th was the last day of the April blackout! :( We were so disappointed!

Blackout dates = :(

We were still in the mood for some fun, so we decided to head over to Downtown Disney and have lunch, because it was a beautiful day!

Yay Downtown Disney!

We started off at Paradisio 37 for a Mangled Margarita, which was very refreshing while we sat outside overlooking the lake!

Mangled Margarita

They were playing Jimmy Buffet type songs outside too, which made for a great atmosphere! I immediately made a Jimmy Buffet playlist on my Pandora app on my phone to enjoy on future trips to the pool! That kind of music puts me in such a great mood, and I love listening to it when your out in the sun, with a delicious frozen concoction! Like Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville song! :)

After our drink, we were getting hungry and wanted to head to Planet Hollywood for Lunch. We always sit in the bar there! I love that we can watch sports and music videos all at once! It’s fun!

For lunch I have a grilled chicken sandwich with avocado.

BIG Sandwich!

Nom, nom, nom...

After lunch, we wanted to get back home and enjoy the sunshine at the pool for a little while. Plus I was really excited to try out my new Jimmy Buffet radio! I even sported a cowboy hat at the pool! haha

Rockin' the cowboy hat!

After a few hours in the hot sun, a little Tutti Frutti was sounding reeeeeeaaaalllyyyy good! Brett and I both starting really craving an afternoon yogurt snack!

And so we arrived! What a glorious sight!

Tutti Frutti

I loaded my bowl with about 5 different flavors of yogurt and topped it off with fresh fruit and chocolate chips, and chocolate covered raisins! I also snagged one of these cool cookie type thing! They always add new things to the topping buffet and I was excited to see this guy! :)

My Yogurt Bowl


After Tutti, Brett and I walked over to the Millenia Mall to digest and window shop, before heading home to rest before the big UFC fights. We went up to Ale House to watch them, and wow, they are intense!

At Ale House

What a long day! Good thing Sunday was relaxing and I got to enjoy this:

My favorite breakfast!

Well that’s all for my weekend!

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  1. Dad
    May 4, 2011 at 4:13 am (7 years ago)

    was that surf and turf lobster and steak? What’s with the carrot?

    • Jane
      May 4, 2011 at 1:18 pm (7 years ago)

      Yes it is surf and turf! I’m not sure about the carrot, but there was mashed potatoes under the lobster, too! :)


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