Family Reunion – Helen, Georgia

Late in July, Brett’s Father’s side of the family planned a Family reunion and invited Brett and I to come. It was planned in Helen, Georgia and we were going to ruff it out in the woods camping style! It was a great bonding time with the family, who I have only met once before and it was nice to get to know them all a little better before the wedding.

Our Cabins

There was plenty to do out in the woods and our cabins were right near a lake with several trails to hike and jog around. So that was our first mission, to go for a jog/hike around the lake! It was a tough trail with all the winding hills and rocky surfaces, but it made for a very scenic route, which is always fun. That along with kayaking in the lake made for a very active weekend!

One of our favorite activities while we were there was tubing down the Chattahoochee River! It actually started pouring down rain on our first trip so we couldn’t get down the entire river, but Brett and I decided to go again the next day and ride the whole river down! Good thing we did because the last part was the most fun and had a crazy rapid that flung us across the whole river! It was the highlight of the tubing adventure!

We also spent a day going into Helen and touring the sweet bakeries and other shops. I had to buy some of the homemade fudge that they sell there to bring back with me to work!

We also took a trip to Tallulah Falls, and walked across a huge suspension bridge that hung over the falls! It was a little wobbly and kind of scary, but we all just wanted to make it across and back one time! The hike back up (over 500 stairs) was definitely a good workout and we were all sweating afterwards.

The Falls

Another view from the bridge!

But I think my favorite part was all of the delicious food! We grilled out every night and hung around with the family. We had such a great time hanging around the picnic tables in between our cabins. We had so much good food on the grill! My favorite night was the ribs and chicken night! The ribs were melt in your mouth tasty.

The Chefs who made it all possible!

We even had the company of a Mom and Baby Bear!!! One night, after eating delicious grilled foods, Brett and I wandered over to our cabin to head in for the night and sitting on our porch was a huge black bear and her cub rummaging through our trash cans! I pretty much freaked and ran in the other direction as soon as I could, which drew the attention of everyone still outside! All the ladies were running in the opposite direction, but all the guys were crazy enough to get a closer look! Sure enough, the mommy and baby left our area and wandered back into the woods! We figured they know what they are doing and probably get a pretty good meal from camper’s trash cans, but I guess they didn’t expect us to still be up and about!

Hanging by the picnic tables before dinner!

Uncle Randy and Brett

The brothers & Sisters! Danny, that's not nice! :)

Brett and I <3

The weekend went by fast and we celebrated with a fmaily outing to the miniature golf course nearby. It was a great time our whole family practically rented out the place!

Practicing my game!

Before we knew it, it was time for a 7 hour drive back home.

The Whole Family

It was really nice to meet everyone and bond a little bit before the wedding! I am so glad we went on this trip. It reminded me of the first vacation Brett and I took for our 1 year anniversary. He took me to Helen to stay in a Chalet in the mountains. We had such a great time and it brought back great  memories!

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  1. Dad
    September 22, 2011 at 3:06 am (6 years ago)

    Bears that rummage through trash are practically domesticated. They won’t bother you if you don’t approach them or,especially,their cubs. Used to see them often when I lived in the Catskills.


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