Bridal Shower….Burlesque Edition

My maid of honor, Lauren, did such an amazing job, with the help of my lovely bridesmaids, throwing me the cutest Bridal Shower ever! All the ladies who attended were supposed to wear black with pink accessories and I was supposed to wear pink with black accessories. It made for adorable pictures and everything throughout the whole party was color coordinated to the theme.

All the girls

Appetizers and drinks were available for the first part of the night where we mingled and caught up with each other. The sangria was delicious!

Fresh Sangria

Lusty Lemonade!

The Spread

The Decor

After we were all settled, Lauren gathered everyone around the living room for fun bridal shower games!

The first one was pretty harmless. Lauren passed a glass full of panties around and we all had to guess how many pairs there were stuffed inside! The winner got the prize!

One, two, three......

The second game was just hilarious! Lauren got this little toy (please see below) and we were to pass it around to the left or the right whenever she said those words in her story. We passed the little toy all around the room and everyone giggled a little bit when they got to hold it! Whoever it landed on when the story was over, won the second prize!

A mini penis! Ahh!

The last game was the most elaborate and it involved getting into groups. Lauren divided the room into 4 groups and gave each group a pair of scissors and a large black t-shirt. We were to create a cute dress out of the shirt and I got to choose the winner! My mom and her friends needed a model so I decided to help them with that, but my decision was completely unbiased!

The Contestants.....

As you can see above, my mother’s team had quite the sense of humor. (Yes, mini penis is pinned to my rear)

Upon reveal of all the lovely fashion designs, I immediately removed my hilarious mother’s dress from the running for being too “provocative.” (You cannot see it from this picture but there were also boobie cut-outs!) I guess my mom and her friends didn’t realize that my friends were such fashionistas and would take this challenge seriously! :)

Secondly, I disqualified Team 4’s outfit because the rules clearly stated “dress” and my dear friend Christie was wearing shorts! Wa, wa, waaaaa.

Team 1 and Team 2 were very close but I had to give it to my girl Smantha, from Team 1, because she looked smokin’ hot! Remember, that’s an XL t-shirt!

After the games, we moved to the family room to open gifts! We passed by the dessert table on the way there! Dessert was the perfect size!

Mini Cupcakes!

As if the night wasn’t already so fun, I got some amazing gifts from everyone! since the theme had a Burlesque feel, I got a lot of lingerie!

Pink lingerie dress....

Army girl sexy PJ's

Beautiful Black Silk Robe

Gorgeous set from Neiman Marcus

I also got practical things, like a chips and salsa serving tray, dishes, wine glasses, the magic bullet and more great stuff!

My bridesmaid Nicole even maid me a tissue paper bouquet to use at my rehearsal dinner!

Nicole's crafty side come out!

 I had such a great time and look forward to the time when I get to return the favor to all my girls! Thank you to my beautiful ladies!

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