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I have recently discovered the website where active people have the opportunity to receive free racing gear and other products from their favorite brands, just by being active and social!

I am excited to say that I have just been selected to join the Mich Ultra Active Ambassadors Team! It is a great way to keep motivated and run races in your community while meeting other people with similar interests in your area!

When I saw that Mich Ultra had a team I knew that was the one I wanted to join! It is my favorite beer, and I love their advertising message geared toward an active lifestyle! I thought it would be the perfect group for me! I had already signed up for a race to participate in, so I couldn’t wait for my box of goodies to come from Mich Ultra!

Box of Goodies!

My first event to sport my new gear was the 13th Annual Miracle Miles in Downtown Orlando.

I had run it last year and was looking forward to it again to see if I could beat my time! I love a good challenge!

(This was the race that I ran with my friend Nicole and our boyfriends painted their faces as cows to go with the sponsor’s, Chik-fil-a, theme!) You can read about my experience here. 


After our race last year

This year it was sponsored by Panera and I ran it by myself. It was a lot more packed this year!

The Crowd

I got a lot of compliments of my shirt and it seemed almost everyone was a Mich Ultra fan that I talked to! Too bad the race was early in the morning or I bet everyone would have enjoyed a Mich Ultra at the end of the race like they do at the 13.1 series that Mich Ultra events (I gotta do one of those next!! I am thinking Gasparilla?)

All geared up!

The route we ran was different from last year, but I enjoyed it because we actually got to run through the heart of Downtown Orlando! I felt great during the majority of the race, but towards the end, it was starting to get very hot and I didn’t know if I could finish strong!

I kept running, though, and ended up beating my score from last year by 13 minutes! Sounds good to me, I will take it!

The best feeling is crossing the finish line!

I am looking forward to my next race and meeting up with other Mich Ultra Team Members there! I will be sure to let you know when that is!

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