Married Life & Wedding Recap Part I

I know that I have been MIA lately on the blog, but I have realized lately that I really need a creative outlet to write my thoughts and share my experiences, because so many great things are happening, and are going to happen, that it is worth writing about!

I was looking through my past posts and reminiscing, and I realized that I have never shared my wedding photos or  honeymoon on my blog!

And guess what? Our One Year Anniversary is right around the corner! I can’t believe it has already been almost a year.

I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to honor our Anniversary and share our wedding and honeymoon experiences on the blog! I am really excited to relive the moments, because I can honestly say that these were the BEST days of my life! :)

Our wedding took place in Captiva Island, Florida at the beautiful South Seas Island Resort.


Brett and I drove separately so that I could take my brother with me and Brett could pick up his Best Man at the airport. It kind of added to the whole “can’t see each other before the wedding” deal, so cute.

I checked in the hotel with my parents and Brett with his, and the view of the marina from the room was amazing!

(Stinks that picture is blurry!)

The drive was pretty long, and no one was at the resort yet, so the first day was just a chill one before the storm! Literally!

It was forecasted to rain basically the entire next day and I was starting to get nervous about the wedding day, especially because the ceremony was scheduled to be outside.

Most of the first day, however, wasn’t too bad. It was spent relaxing and calming my nerves about the weather and the decor and all the little things, in the hotel room where I laid in the comfy bed and got hooked on the show Four Weddings.

I did have the chance to see some family for lunch at the hotel cafe and walked around the resort to take it all in.

Mom, Me and my Cousin-in-Law Abigail (Dad in the background)

Walking the dock with my flower girl, Sadie.

Where our ceremony was schedule to be held the next day.

The next day, The girls and I tried to enjoy some pool time before the rain as soon as everyone arrived, and eventually some of my family members got to enjoy the pool as well!

Samantha and I (and Dad in the background again)

Samantha and I (and Dad in the background again)

Hudson and I (My cousin’s son, and the brother of my flower girl!) 

Even Brett came after his outing with the guys!

But as you can see, it did not last very long because of the weather.

It ended up storming pretty bad as everyone got ready for the Rehearsal dinner, but by the time it started, it had cleared pretty well and we were able to enjoy the Marina, even though we had to eat inside the ballroom.

Fun times! But I gotta stop there. More to read about the Rehearsal Dinner soon! I’m heading off to meet my friend Fabiana for dinner, for Sushi, my fav!




2 Comments on Married Life & Wedding Recap Part I

  1. Lenore
    October 5, 2012 at 12:47 am (5 years ago)

    This is fun I’m reliving it with u thanks

  2. Dad
    October 5, 2012 at 4:17 am (5 years ago)

    had to hit Comments to get pix. But loved it so far. More! More!


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