A Night of Horror…

Hi there! It’s a great weekend so far!

Last night Brett and I went to Halloween Horror Nights with a group of friends over at Universal Studios Orlando. I was so excited, because we had such a blast last year with them and was so happy to see them and experience another year of scares!

After meeting up with everyone at the front of the park, we immediately hit our route from last year, hard right once you get in, and headed to our first house.

The Group

We past the first street and were greeted with Mel’s Drive-In… or should I say Mel’s Die In?

Mel’s Die-In

I love how that picture came out, it looks like there is an intense storm brewing right over head. Spooky! 😉

Passed the infamous chainsaw characters, which this year were all women who escaped from an insane asylum!

The Chainsaws!

The first few houses were great, and because we got there so early we hardly had any waiting in line. And I must say the first house, House of Horrors, was definitely my favorite!

After a few more houses we headed to the Bill and Ted’s Show, which was amazing this year, especially because they played Brett’s favorite new song: Gangnam Style. (According to him, it is the next big thing and is going to explode! Youtube it! :))

We all headed inside for some refreshments and dinner for a while before heading to one more house. We were all acting pretty goofy!

The group taking a break and eating park food… and being silly.

By then, the lines were getting pretty long, but we had a good time anyway!


Hanging out in line

Brett with a Blood Shot Girl

It started to get late, so we decided to head straight to the Rip Ride Rocket Rollercoaster before heading out for the night, even though it meant missing out on the last two houses.

I love that rollercoaster because you can pick your own soundtrack while you ride! Brett and I got the front row this time, and I chose a Daft Punk song. We need to buy a video of it one time, because you know Brett is doing his air drums and I am singing at the top of my lungs… on a rollercoaster! Ha!

It was a great end to the night.

Today Brett and I met with our realtor to check out some houses that were on our list and had a full marathon of properties to view. It was exciting to officially start the House Hunt, but we are exhausted after that!

I need to rest up before our fancy One Year Anniversary Dinner Celebration tonight! We are celebrating early because Brett is going to be out of town next week on the actual night of our Anniversary. So excited!

Now off for a nap!

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