Wedding Recap Part III – Pre-Ceremony and Ceremony

Before the ceremony, the boys got together and the photographer headed their way first to take their pre-ceremony photos, which came out great!

The Handsome Groom

The Boutonnieres

Tim (One of Brett’s Best Men) helping with the Boutonniere

The Groomsmen

Brett and his Dad

The Rings

The Guys

The girls and I had our own little get-ready-room which led right out onto the King’s Crown Lawn where the ceremony was to take place.

Hair and Makeup in our Get Ready Room

The Veil is on!

It was a full day of hair and makeup, and drinking champagne, and all was going well until I got the dreaded Rain Call.

Apparently rain was on the way, and our florist and event set up company was hesitant to set up outside due to the weather. I was minutes away from making the horrid choice of moving the ceremony (which I had visualized outside on the beautiful lawn for an entire year!!!!) inside a musty, dark, old ballroom. (Not really, but it seemed that way at the time :) )

Then – my wedding planner John came to the rescue! He said, “No way am I letting my Bride be disappointed on her big day!” He worked his magic and got a heavy duty canopy on the fly, that could withstand the heavy winds. He checked the forecast and figured out that the rain will be completely gone an hour after the scheduled ceremony time.

Then, he came up with the brilliant idea: Pre-Ceremony Cocktail Hour.

You know our guests were happy when they arrived at the ceremony to be greeted with a cocktail hour (complimentary to us) so that we could wait out the rain!

That meant, more getting ready and more drinking champagne for the ladies stuck in their little get-ready-room. But we had some fun too. See picture of the other John below! :)

The Other John and I

I even got a visit from our Flower Girl and Ring Bearer.

Giving the Flower girl her flowers

Nathan, the Ring Bearer

After exchanging gifts with my bridesmaids and mother and mother-in-law, it was time to get dressed!

The day ended up being clear and gorgeous and when I saw it, it was just how I had imagined it!

Our Ceremony

Programs and bubbles were set up in a basket on a table with some lemonade to guests to pick up as they sat down.

Thanks to my wonderful mother, they came out wonderful and looked professionally made!

Programs and Bubbles

Love is in the Air…

Our Monogram

Once the ceremony began, Brett walked our Officiant, Cindy, down the aisle.

Brett and Cindy

Next Brett’s parents walked their way down the aisle, and took their place under the canopy (or huppah, as they call it in the Jewish religion) This was a tradition that meant a lot to my mom, and I was so happy to have everyone underneath the canopy with us!

Brett’s Parents

Everyone looked so beautiful as they walked down the aisle, even though the wind was crazy!

Nicole and Jordan

Lauren and Stephen

Christie and Paul

Samantha and Will

Loreyn and Ryan

Liz and Tim

Lauren and Blake

Next was the Ring Bearer and the Flower Girl and their pictures are so adorable I could stare at them forever!

The Ring Bearer, Nathan

The Flower Girl, Sadie

And Finally, the Bride… Me! As you can see, none of us could stop smiling!

The wedding party.

The photo above came out so perfect, and was exactly what I had envisioned my ceremony to look like. The bright colors, the green grass, blue water and sky.

The Ring Exchange

The Kiss!

Love the Fist Pump!

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