Wedding Recap Part IV – Bridal Party Photos & Reception

Yesterday, Brett and I celebrated our One Year Wedding Anniversary! Well, Brett was out of town for work, but we did celebrate earlier, which I will get to soon!

As for now, the final post for our Wedding Recap!

After the Ceremony, we had our own trolly ready for us and the bridal party to hop in and ride to the other side of the island where the beach is.

Personal Trolly

On the Trolly

The photos of our Bridal Party in the trolly and Brett and I in front, is one of my favorite pictures form the wedding! I just love the color of the trolly! It worked so well with the surroundings.

My Favorite Picture!

We had a lot of fun taking pictures with everyone, I wish we could have stayed longer and taken even more, they came out so good!

The Bridal Party

I love the picture of us with our parents…. but the wind kind of took away all the prep work for the ladies! I still think everyone looks great!

Our Parents

Then it was Brett and I’s turn, and I don’t think that we could concentrate on taking pictures, we were so happy and in the moment!


And before we concluded, my Maid of Honor made sure to get us all to do the jumping picture!

Gotta have the Jumping Picture!

The reception was the BEST party that I have ever been to! It was such a whirlwind, but when I look back, all I can think about is how happy everyone was, and how happy Brett was, and how we just didn’t want the night to end!

It was great to see all of my mom’s and I’s hard work come together at the reception and I love how everything looked!

Place Cards

Bride and Groom

Table Numbers

The speeches were so amazing and heartfelt, and really touched Brett and I. We are so lucky to have these amazing people in our lives!

Cherishing the moment

The Maid of Honor Speech… made me cry!

And they were also absolutely hilarious!

Cracking Up!

Then the dancing began!

The First Dance

The DJ was amazing and had everyone on the dance floor in no time!

Getting down on the dance floor!

Some where in the mix, we cut the cake, but neither Brett or I had the chance to actually sit down and eat it. We heard it was delicious though! :)

The Cake

Cutting the Cake

The night carried on with more of the same, dancing and enjoying everyone’s company, and just ended before we could even know it.

The Family

The Girls Dancing Away

In our own little world again

It was so great reliving our special day! It brought all of the great memories back, and although I wish I could be there right now, I know there are so many great and exciting moments for Brett and I to enjoy in the future!

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