Protein Boost

On my latest grocery shop, I wanted to purchase a protein supplement that would travel easily with me to work, to consume during my workouts that I go to straight from work, or in between fitness classes. Sometime I’ll take 2 classes, and I cannot make it through the second class without feeling lightheaded.

I definitely wanted some protein, but I am getting sick of all the sugary protein bars I have been trying lately, which seem to have way too much sugar and not enough protein to compensate.

I came across this in the store:

Boost Glucose Control Protein Shakes

I was a little taken back at first by purchasing a Glucose Control product, since it is not like I have an issue or have been ordered to watch my sugar intake from the doctor, but after reading the nutrition facts I was quite surprised and thought this would be the perfect product to take with me to the gym for an extra “Boost.”


Compared to the other products in the store, the calories in this one were about 50 calories less, had way less sugar, and surprisingly, had an extra gram of protein!

This shake is doing the trick for me today, too, because I got that 3:00pm sweet tooth craving and this definitely helped satisfy!

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