Starting a New Routine

Lately I have been very lax with my workout routine and eating habits. I have been going to the gym, but basically only taking the 2-3 classes that I look forward to every week, and have not been going my usual 5-6 times a week.

And my eating habits have not been much better! Ever since our vacation, and especially with the start of the football season, unhealthy snacks and temptations have been coming my way and I have been indulging way too much! I can tell a difference in my body and my energy level, and I really want to get back to where I used to be.

Well, last night I decided that I am going to get back into the groove of working out every day, making healthy choices, and still indulging, but being more mindful about where and when, and most importantly, how much I let myself indulge.

Great thought, Jane… now where to start?

First, I decided that I want to change up my weekly routine. I want to start waking up early in the morning and doing at least 30 minutes of fitness before getting ready for work. Anything that gets me moving first thing in the morning. Then, I can start off with a healthy breakfast, like a protein shake, before heading to work to really get my metabolism going.

I set my gym clothes out last night to prepare for the early morning wake-up (which I really have trouble with!). I am going to continue to do that this week to make the AM getting ready process easier, although I didn’t wake up as early as I wanted to today. I did wake up earlier than usually and did a 15 minute ab workout before taking Winnie for an extra long walk around the lake in my apartment complex.

Then, I wanted to create a lunch that would get me excited about eating in and eating healthy, and not taking-out somewhere. I of course have not done a full grocery shop for this week, so I tried to be creative and think I came up with a pretty great lunch!

I had some fresh spinach, iceberg lettuce, carrots, green onion, and edamame, which I threw together in to a salad. Not that bad, with homemade dressing, but I wanted something else to make it different and delicious.

So, I found some bow-tie pasta, a can of tuna, fresh broccoli, red onion, a little light mayo made with Olive Oil, salt and pepper, and decided to make a small tuna bow-tie pasta salad to serve over my greens. I LOVE tuna and pasta salad mixed into a salad, and used to get it all the time and an old Italian restaurant I used to go to back home, so I thought that this would be great!

My Healthy Lunch Creation

It came together well with a homemade balsamic drizzled over it, which was just some balsamic, a little olive oil, Dijon mustard and salt and pepper whisked together. A healthy lunch, but I still let myself indulge a little bit with the addition of the pasta tuna salad.

I also really love the fitness classes that I currently take such as Cardio Kickboxing, and Dance Fitness classes, so even though I am going to be working out for 30 minutes in the morning, I want to continue to take these classes as well, making sure to balance my morning routine with either weights or cardio, to not over do it too much in one day.

In my plans for getting back into the groove, I am also planning on running another Half Marathon in the near future, which I will begin training for in November. Until then, I need to get back into running regularly, so I can pick up on the training plan I used for my last race, and still be able to keep up! So that will be another addition to my weekly routine.

I am excited to start my new routine and sharing my progress with you all!

Wish me luck!

2 Comments on Starting a New Routine

  1. Casie
    October 16, 2012 at 6:00 pm (5 years ago)

    Sounds like you a good solid plan! I take kickboxing as well too and it makes going to the gym worthwhile. Your lunch looks delish! :)

    • Jane
      October 16, 2012 at 7:42 pm (5 years ago)

      Thanks Casie! I know! Taking a class that I love helps me so much to make it to the gym!


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