Thanksgiving Festivities Begin

The Holidays are here! I cannot believe that it is already time to celebrate Thanksgiving! This marks the beginning of the Holiday Season and to kick it all off, we had our Thanksgiving Potluck at work today! Everyone brought in a homemade side dish and instead of over doing it with more turkey or ham, we had our meat catered by the delicious local BBQ restaurant, 4 Rivers.

There were so many great dishes, I filled up my plate and still didn’t have room for everything!

I loaded up on some Baked Pasta with Chicken Sausage, Sweet Potato Booty, Pulled Pork and Beef Brisket, Rice, and Cheesy Broccoli Casserole (this was my dish… It came out really well! I will have to share the recipe with you soon!) I also started off with a spinach salad, and a Peruvian Potato Salad dish, that I am not even going to try to pronounce. :)

There was a massive amount of dessert as well, but I had to share with you the adorable cake pops that Maggie made.

She made those! Not only are they cute, but they were delicious as well!

After we all stuffed ourselves, the crew decided that it was a good idea to make the three newbies, or “Pledges” as they like to call us, who haven’t attended a Thanksgiving Feast yet, participate in a Dessert Sandwich Eating Contest. This consisted of myself, our newest member Melo, and our copywriter Danielle.

Apparently this is a yearly tradition where the veterans, I will call them, create a “drink” made up of every single dish on the table, and then some, and entice the newest employee (which have all been male “Pledges” in the past years) to consume it in record time with a cash reward.

This year, there were three lady “Pledges” and to make it a little more digestible for us, they decided to stick with dessert only.

The Sandwiches (Held together with a Pumpkin Cake Pop)

After a few minutes of badgering us to take part in the contest, we all decided to dig into our dessert sandwiches.

Here I go…..

I really must say that they weren’t that bad! Except for the sugar overload and my stomach starting to explode due to me stuffing my face with the entrees!

I gave it a good try, but Melo took the cake on this one and won some cold hard cash as a reward.

The winner and the losers.

I think everyone was in a food coma after this Thanksgiving Feast!

And to think… this is just the beginning!!

Happy Pre-Thanksgiving Day!

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