White Christmas Wish Comes True

This holiday season was a little different for us because Brett’s Aunt and Uncle invited us and the entire family to celebrate with them in Connecticut.

We were all thrilled to take the trip and as life-long Floridans, we were hoping for a White Christmas!

2012-12-25 16.43.27

The Guest House Christmas Tree

We all stayed at Brett’s Uncle’s place of work, as he is the GM at a hotel-like retreat and conference center, called the Guest House. It was closed to the public so we basically took over the place and it was like our own private mansion.

2012-12-25 09.33.12

Christmas Eve was filled with family bonding and catching up (there were no TV’s at the Guest House) and a special little surprise.

2012-12-25 09.32.08


It was a light covering of snow, but for us, it was perfect!


Oh – and a little early Christmas Present…

Onesies for the ladies!

2012-12-24 23.16.02

Please don’t kill me family…I thought this picture was hilarious! I love our onesies.

Christmas was great and filled with fun as we all exchanged gifts and watched the kids play.


2012-12-25 19.56.47

The Day after Christmas, a few of us decided to venture off and explore New York City.

2012-12-26 12.50.37

The 2 hour train ride from New Haven, CT to The Big Apple, didn’t scare us, so we decided to take the trip. The weather forecast didn’t either… until we got there.


While walking the city in search of Rockefeller Center it started snowing! It soon turned to ice, which hurt when the gusting wind pelted our faces with it, and then to rain, which was freezing!

We finally found a safe, and warm, haven at Connolley’s Pub, off 45th. The neon green sign was calling our name!

2012-12-26 16.57.32

After we indulged in delicious pub food, we continued on our journey to find that magical place, Rockefeller Center.

2012-12-26 17.48.29

2012-12-26 17.50.59

We got there right in time to take a few pics and watch the Saks “Window Display” show, which was actually a really neat projection show on the whole side of the building that went along with music! It was really neat!

After walking through Timesquare we all decided to head back to Grand Central Station, so we could get home before it got too late.

The train ride was long, but oh so warm, so we didn’t mind.

When we had gotten back to the Guest House, we noticed that it must have snowed while we were gone, because there was about 3-4 inches of fresh fluffy snow on the ground!

We all got geared up in our snow gear to have a snow ball fight before we missed our opportunity and the snow melted.

2012-12-26 23.44.12

Brett after his dive trying to miss a snow ball.

2012-12-26 23.50.13

2012-12-26 23.49.12

Lindsey finally made her snow angel!

It was such a great end to the night!

We had a great time in CT, but I was definitely ready to come home to Florida and the warm weather after being up there!

I am so glad that our wish for a White Christmas came true!

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  1. Lenore
    January 5, 2013 at 1:16 pm (5 years ago)

    Jane what an amazing Christmas! You know dad and I met up at Rockafeller center when we were dating and I was coming in from Brooklyn .The onesies r adorable.


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