Tying the Knot-ical (Nautical) Bridal Shower

I am so excited to finally share with you what I have been doing to prepare for one of my best friend, Loreyn’s Bridal Shower this past weekend! I am one of the bridesmaids in her wedding and when I was asked by the maid of honor, Natalie, if I wanted to help out with the shower, I was super excited to jump right in and get started!

After finding out that the shower was going to be at the Sailfish Marina Restaurant in Singer Island, FL, I thought right off the bat, a chic nautical themed shower.

My inspiration came from pinning… a lot of pinning on the infamous Pinterest. Colors and theme came from the image below. I love the light pink and navy colors together, and I think they add a sophistication to the whole nautical theme idea.

Screen shot 2013-01-30 at 8.22.40 PM

I tried to find the link to this site, but it doesn’t seem to be enabled anymore. They did sell this printables set, but I decided to go my own route and create similar things to the above on my own.

I was so excited about this theme and the colors, that in addition to the decor and games, I decided to take on hand made invitations as well.

After all the hard work, I was so proud and happy with the end product and so excited to mail them out!


My inspiration came from a blog called Linen Lance and Love.   I downloaded the monogram from http://www.weddingchicks.com and with the help of Adobe Illustrator, I was able to alter the monogram and add the pink knot to make it my own and go with my overall theme.

To start, I ordered the card stock and envelopes from Paper Source, and the colors were exactly what I was looking for. I printed the monogram and informational pages on the inside on regular printer paper.

As for the element that you see in the vellum envelope (also from Paper Source) I was so glad I put in the hard work to cut out that navy cardstock and pink and white striped scrap book paper from Michaels and stuff with anchor confetti I purchased from Etsy.


It was a special and very personalized idea that I had, to make all the attendees of the shower write down their favorite memory they have with the Bride-to-be and bring it with them to the shower for Loreyn to read out loud to the group. This actually became my favorite part of the shower, because the memories were so funny and it was such a great time watching Loreyn remember those moments and guess who wrote it, while the rest of us cracked up at the stories!

It was a really nice touch and well-received at the shower by everyone!

To finish them up, I hole punched on either side of the cards in the card stock with a 1/8″ punch and tied it into place with some hemp twine I had on hand.

They were addressed with Silver marker and mailed out with a heart stamp :)


For the shower decor, I used the same materials I purchased for the invitations, to keep the look consistent. All of the games I came up with had props to them (will get into those later), so I collected jars and decorated them with the paper I had on hand to hold them, as well as the flowers for the centerpieces. Some other ideas I had to incorporate the colors and materials were frames, labels, and place cards.

2013-01-26 10.38.04

2013-01-26 10.38.13

2013-01-26 10.38.44

2013-01-26 10.38.58

2013-01-26 10.40.28

2013-01-26 10.40.21

2013-01-26 11.26.57

2013-01-26 11.27.03

2013-01-26 11.28.08

2013-01-26 11.29.23

2013-01-26 11.29.11

The decor came together so nicely, and the favors, ordered by Loreyn’s mother from Godiva (And Delicious!) matched perfectly! We slapped some thank you labels on them when we arrived and left them on the table for guests to take as they left. Which we all ended up eating for dessert!

As for the games, I found 3 really great ones that were a hit! Click on the links below to read more about where I found these hilarious games!
1. Who has the Groom?

2013-01-26 13.21.58
2. I Mustache You a Few Questions
3. Style Poem

And with Natalie’s help, we had the cutest prizes! She put together baskets that matched perfectly, with Loreyn’s favorite cocktail recipes and a fancy little shaker to mix it all up!

2013-01-26 11.28.26

Once the games came to an end and the presents were unwrapped, we all headed out to the marina to enjoy the day and take photos with the scenic background.

2013-01-26 15.09.15

The Beautiful Bride-to-be and I.

All the girls... and Captain Morgan.

All the girls… and Captain Morgan.

I had such a great time with everyone, and seeing everything come together was such a treat! I am so excited for Loreyn and can’t wait until the wedding!

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