Home Renovations – Master Bathroom Retreat

Ok, my pride and joy home renovation has been complete! It was actually the first project to be completed (and also the longest) and oh have we been enjoying it. We did a complete transformation of this space and I am so please with how it came out.



Moving the location of the tub and creating space for a double vanity was genius! At first, we were contemplating getting rid of the tub completely, thinking there wouldn’t be enough room for a decent sized double vanity. But boy am I glad we kept the tub! It’s such a nice retreat.

Photo Mar 25, 9 29 13 PM

My one goal in this new house was to have a big… no HUGE shower where I can actually enjoy taking one, and most importantly… shave my legs comfortably. The original tiny shower in this bathroom reminded me too much of our old  apartment’s which was what I wanted to get away from, so we built a master piece.photo

Yes, I must admit, we did go a bit extreme with this shower and we spent quite a bit over our budget to do so. But look at it…


Now that is what I call a shower!

Photo Mar 27, 9 18 11 AM

And one smaller change, knocking down that wall near the toilet really opened up the space and since we had to re-tile anyways, we figured we might as well just get rid of it. Besides, we are married, so it’s not like we need the privacy anyways. :)

There are still some minor details like artwork for above the tub and fancy towel hangers that I want to get eventually to to improve the space, but for now it is absolutely wonderful!

P.S. Overstock was a great place to search and find vanities. It came fully assembled and with free shipping, and included both mirrors, sinks and faucets at a reasonable cost.

Our shower inspiration we stole from a sample shower in a local tile store that we visited. And we ended up buying the tile pieces at Home Depot using the design as a guide of what pieces we wanted to use. I won’t take the credit for dreaming that one up… we totally copied it from another design we liked.

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  1. lenore
    March 28, 2013 at 10:24 pm (5 years ago)

    AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! And youu so should take the credit.


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