Entry Way Picture Collage Wall

Brett and I had a pretty productive morning today. We headed out in the gorgeous weather to pick up a few things before heading to Tampa to celebrate Easter with Brett’s family.

While we were out, we stopped into Home Goods to see if there was any art we liked for our “Fun Room.” We didn’t find anything that we liked but we did find a much needed accent piece for our entryway table.

I felt like it needed something decorative but didn’t know what.

Photo Mar 30, 2 42 06 PM

The little plant was all it took to make the wall and table feel complete in my opinion. I think the purchase was a success!

Photo Mar 30, 2 21 48 PM

While I was in Home Goods I made an impulse buy that I must share with you!

Photo Mar 30, 3 22 40 PM

I have never tasted licorice so delicious and soft in my life! It’s making this drive to Tampa quite enjoyable.

I think I may have just found my new addiction.

Hope you all have a great Saturday!

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