Weekly Baby Appointments Begin

First, I have to say Welcome to Spring! The weather is gorgeous here in Florida and the snow is finally starting to clear up in the northern states. I can’t wait for Rylee to be here so we can all enjoy the outdoors together and hopefully take a trip to the beach!


Sunset during dinner at Bon Apetito’s in Tampa – Taken this past weekend

It’s around that time now that I’ll be heading to the doctor for weekly check ups on Rylee. We had an ultra sound this morning, and while she’s measuring a bit small, she is very healthy, which is great news!

Rylee was kick crazy while we were getting the ultrasound, the doctor and I agreed she is going to be a kick boxer!

I was so thirsty after my appointment this morning and wanted something fruity, cold and refreshing.
A smoothie sounded perfect and I passed by a McDonald’s on my way to work so decided to try a Strawberry Banana Fruit Smoothie.


It hit the spot perfectly!

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