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The next renovation we completed was in the Guest Bathroom. The photos that I have do not do the updates justice at all, so I’ll have to describe in a little more detail what was done.

The bathroom layout was so bizarre, when you walked in, there was only space to walk straight back to the window next to the tub, and hardly any room to do anything.

Photo Dec 31, 12 53 43 PM

And that small space only allowed for the tiniest shower and tub.

Photo Dec 31, 12 53 49 PM

We decided to open up the space by knocking down the wall separating the toilet and the tub, rotate the shower/tub combo to go against the back wall, allowing for all that space between the toilet and tub for possible storage and more room to be comfortable getting ready in.

Photo Apr 11, 5 12 18 PM

The vanity was actually in great shape, and I liked the white, so we didn’t do much to that area, except for replace the old mirror and vanity lights.

Photo Apr 11, 5 16 45 PM

The new layout helps a great deal in opening up the space and it is so much more comfortable to be in.

Photo Mar 02, 12 49 44 PM

It was a good thing we made this bathroom more functional, cause we are eventually going to have a teenage girl using it, who needs a roomy bathroom! :)

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