New Orlando Restaurant – Hash House A Go Go

A new restaurant has popped up in the Orlando Area! Hash House A Go Go, a concept that started on the West Coast in San Diego and Las Vegas has made it’s journey over to the East Coast. Located on International Drive, our old neck of the woods, this new concept restaurant has definitely made an impression on us! Photo Apr 13, 6 51 19 PM

We received an invitation from the restaurant management, to make a reservation with them during their complimentary preview event where their staff had the chance to get real hands on training before the grand opening.

Photo Apr 13, 7 02 13 PM

The restaurant had a very distinct theme. Farming. When you walked in, there was a giant tractor in the foyer, and all of the decor and art had the same feel. Fresh food from the farm to the table.

For the complimentary dining experience, we were able to choose from their specialty drink menu and then one entree each, from different sections of the menu.

Photo Apr 13, 7 03 55 PM

I decided to go for a funky non-alcoholic Watermelon Lemonade. It looks very sweet, but the lemonade was just the right amount of tart to even it out. It was quite refreshing!

Now, before you continue on to the next photo of our entrees, I must warn you. The items you see below are as big as they seem!

Photo Apr 13, 7 46 48 PM

Brett chose one of their famous stuffed burgers and fries. And by stuffed, they mean two burger patties on either side of whatever you want on them! Brett chose the blue cheese burger and you can see the deliciousness oozing out of it!

Photo Apr 13, 7 44 36 PM

I went for a pasta dish. Their Sage Fried Chicken looked to be a specialty, and on top of pasta I thought would be a great mix. Oh and it was! It was so much food, but the flavors went so well together I just couldn’t stop eating it!  There was even a little squirt of some kind of spicy siracha sauce that added a great kick!

We were pretty stuffed when we left. But we had to go back the next day for Brett’s favorite meal of the day… breakfast!

The specialty drink he chose looked amazing! It was a smore’s cappuccino with 3 shots of espresso and a toasted marshmallow fluff and graham cracker topping.

Photo Apr 14, 10 00 33 AM

I definitely wish I could have had one for myself, but all that caffeine would have really woken little Rylee up!

If we thought that the dinner plates were huge… we didn’t know what was coming with the breakfast.

I was craving something sweet so I went for the french toast. I also had to try their breakfast potatoes since that is my favorite breakfast food.

Photo Apr 14, 10 10 03 AM

The flavors were great and it was certainly enough food, but I am a fruit lover and would have liked way more strawberries and bananas on top. They were a little stingy on the pecans as well.

Photo Apr 14, 10 10 16 AM

Brett of course had to get something with biscuits and gravy. I don’t even know what to call this dish, but it was biscuits topped with the sausage gravy and scrambled eggs?

I didn’t get it or try it, but Brett said it was simply amazing!

I think he was a little jacked up from that cappuccino!

Overall, the experience and food were great during both visits and I can see myself really craving that pasta dish for dinner again!

The restaurant should be open to the public now, so go check out Hash House A Go Go and let me know what you think!

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    • Jane
      April 29, 2013 at 4:28 pm (5 years ago)

      I know! Otherwise I would have had some cause it looked SO good!


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