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Setting a goal is easy. Setting a goal and actually sticking to it is another story.

I’m more than ready to create some goals for myself now that little Rylee is here and I have gotten the hang of parenting… or at least I think I have… for now at least.

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I can give my little ducky a bath!

I’m pretty excited to see how my schedule will evolve now that I have a child. I love working out and do not see myself giving that up, so I need to figure out a goal for myself to keep me motivated, focused and on the track to success.

Figuring out where my workouts are going to fit in and what the right fitness regime is going to be has got my head spinning in so many directions that I have decided to think about it and write it out to make sense of it all. And publishing my fitness goals on my blog for all to see is a pretty sure shot way of getting me to stick to them!

There are a lot of fitness goals that I want to accomplish, but I consolidated them into my top 5.

Top 5 Fitness Goals:

1. Finish the Insanity Fitness Program (Complete first 30 days twice – I’m a little rusty and want to be able to complete the first 30 days in succession without taking so many breaks in between days)

2. Train for a 10k, 15k, or triathlon/aquathon (Depending on which kind of races I can find in the area, or feasible area to travel to right now)

3. Train for an Adventure Run (Obstacle course race – usually involving mud)

4. Join a Crossfit Club in my area (Also really interested in trying out a Barre fitness class)

5. Play a sport (Played flag football in a league and had a blast, I also really like tennis and golf as possibilities)

I think that my goals are doable. Obviously not all at once, but I am getting back into the groove of working out, so I really think that completing Insanity at home is the first step. I consider myself a runner, so once I find a race I’m interested in, I know I’ll be able to hit the trail and start running full speed again.

Training for races always keeps me on a schedule, and now with all of these adventure races taking place, it makes training more intense and more of a challenge. That is where Crossfit training could really come in handy.


Playing a sport is just something I love being a part of and I figure could be a great hobby on the weekends and something to do together with Brett.

In addition to my fitness goals, I have a few personal goals I would like to accomplish as well.

Personal Goals:

– Start Cooking More (And post Recipes of the week again!)

– Search for volunteer opportunities in the area and become a part of my community (If anyone has any recommendations, I am all ears!)

– Meet new moms in the area and schedule play dates

– Be a good mom and wife to my husband and daughter and sharing my experiences and life advice on my blog!

Writing this out gives me a really clear vision of how I want the rest of this year to go. I could not be more excited to get started and it’s making me super excited to get back to work and into a routine!

What kind of goals are you willing to set for yourself this year???

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