Fitness Goal on Track

I’m on the right track to completing one of my top 5 Fitness Goals for this year!


That’s right! I’ve joined in on the CrossFit craze and couldn’t be more excited to whip myself into shape! Groupon is such a great place for deals on fitness clubs. I signed up for a 4-week Slim Down Bootcamp for just $36. It includes unlimited classes at the Crossfit High Intensity location.

This got me thinking. I started looking through some of the other fitness Groupon deals and got so excited at all of the different types of offers that were available – like yoga, kickboxing, aerial fitness, boot camps, martial arts and more! Trying out a new style of fitness using these great Groupon deals would make any fitness routine anything but… well, routine!

You could switch up your style of fitness for months and never get bored with all of the variety! There are so many styles of fitness that I want to try, that I just may go this route for a while instead of joining a gym.

Hmm, exciting I must say!

What is your favorite style of fitness?
How do you keep your workout routine exciting?

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