Crossfit – 4 Week Slimdown

Attended my first Crossfit 4-week Slim Down Boot Camp Class last night and I have to say I am very impressed!

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first arrived to the open warehouse-like gym, but when I walked in, I was pleasantly surprised at the facility and how many people were there.

There were two rooms, one that looked totally advanced and which I stayed totally out of, and another room with a center mat and a few other pieces of equipment like bands attached to the ceiling and wooden boxes. That’s where our 35 minute bootcamp class took place.

Photo Jun 17, 7 02 24 PM

The class started off with a warm-up run on a course they created outside of the building and then went right in to a circuit workout. Groups rotated around to 6 different stations and a timer on the wall indicated 45 seconds at every station with a 15 second break to get to the next one.

After repeating 3 times, we completed a last circuit of 4 exercises and recorded how many of each exercise we completed in one minute on a dry erase board.

And then there was the optional bonus. 20 squats and 100 jumping jacks.

Photo Jun 17, 7 02 48 PM

It was a fast-paced and energetic workout and really kept me engaged. The music was blaring and it felt amazing to sweat and complete a hardcore workout again!

And my favorite part? Aside from the fast paced competitive atmosphere and the continuous support and guidance of the instructor, they record everyone’s progress from our individual white boards on a larger one in the facility and keep it up for an entire week so we can see how we progress from week to week.

Talk about motivation! Not only do you see everyone else’s score which makes you want to go stronger next time, but you are forced to keep track of your numbers, which can be hard to stay consistent doing on your own.

I’m so excited to go to my next class! Which will probably be in a day or two… cause I am extremely sore.

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