Baby Weekend with Loreyn

Photo Jun 21, 7 26 58 PM

 Yup, that picture pretty much sums it up! This weekend was filled with babies and a visit from my best friend, Loreyn. I was so excited to see her, because the last time we were together was at her wedding, and it was a pretty action packed weekend. She didn’t even get the chance to hold Rylee, so she made sure to make up for it this weekend.

Photo Jun 23, 1 30 16 PM

Win counts as our baby too! :)

After she arrived to my house, and received the grand tour, we met up with my friend Fabiana and her daughter, Madeleine, and headed to downtown Winter garden for dinner at Urban Flats.

Photo Jun 23, 4 19 42 PM

We shared a variety of delicious flatbreads and enjoyed a wonderful red wine, while catching up and chatting in the great Urban Flats atmosphere.

After dinner we headed home and had a few more glasses of wine before heading to bed.

To get a real taste of the liveliness of our neighborhood, I took Loreyn back  downtown the next morning to experience the weekly farmer’s market.  First stop was a freshly made lemonade. It was so hot out and it made the trip well worth it. But, because of the heat, instead of eating lunch at one of the vendors, we opted for The Moon Cricket, a restaurant on Plant Street, downtown.

Photo Jun 22, 12 28 23 PM

I ordered the special of the day, a shaved turkey breast sandwich with melted mozzarella and fresh green apples.

Photo Jun 22, 12 19 20 PM

After lunch, Loreyn and I headed over to the Winter Garden Villages, an outdoor shopping center in the newer part of town, for some girl time and shopping at our favorite stores.

During our outing, we encountered a baby milestone! Rylee held her own bottle at our feeding stop at the Starbucks!

Photo Jun 23, 1 24 36 PM

I am not sure if she even knew what she was doing, but I was so impressed! She must have been seriously hungry to be holding her bottle all by herself like that!

After our outing, and a stop at Publix to pick up dinner and apps, we had Fabiana, her fiance, Matt, and Madeleine over for dinner.

Photo Jun 22, 8 09 28 PM

Our rendezvous began with a bruschetta appetizer that was fresh and delicious. We got a fresh baguette from the bakery that was so fresh it was still warm! Before topping it with a mixture of fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic and basil, we lightly brushed some olive oil on slices of the bread and toasted them in the oven. A slice of fresh mozzarella on top really added something special and made the appetizer a big hit!

Photo Jun 22, 7 47 49 PM

In addition to the bruschetta, we got some spinach and artichoke stuffed pastries that we deep fried and served as our hot hors hor d’oeuvre.

Photo Jun 22, 7 47 55 PM

As for the main course, Chef Brett grilled some steak, smashed potatoes, and I made a strawberry salad to compliment.

It was so great getting the babies together, and spending some quality time with Loreyn. She had to leave us this morning and I miss her terribly already! But we ended the weekend off with another delicious endeavor…. First Watch Brunch!

Photo Jun 23, 10 51 56 AM

Until next time, Loreyn! We will miss you!

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