If you don’t know what those 6 letters mean, I am about to change your life.

So You Think You Can Dance. Best. Show. Ever.

As a dancer, (even though I don’t get to dance as much anymore, I still consider myself one) this show really affects me in so many ways. It motivates and inspires me, it pulls at my heart-strings and the talent that is represented in both dancers and choreographers is just amazing! Even a non-dancer can appreciate the talented individuals that are a part of this competition.

Besides the wonderful entertainment I get from watching the performances, I always find myself becoming emotionally attached to the couples. And I ALWAYS have to vote for my favorites to keep them there!

The first performance episode aired this week where America can start voting, and I already have my top three favorite couples.

Fick-Shun and Amy

Fick-Shun and Amy

Fick-Shun and Amy performed a Sonya Tayeh piece. She is one of my favorite choreographers on the show because her dances have so much emotion and can be so powerful.

Jade and Malece

Jade and Malece

Jade and Malece also performed a number choreographed by one of my favorites, Travis Wall. He was actually a contestant on the show a few years ago, and is now one of the best choreographers on SYTYCD. Pretty cool.

Makenzie and Paul

Makenzie and Paul

Makenzie and Paul performed a Viennese Waltz choreographed by Jason Gilkison. I am normally not drawn to this style of dance, but they performed it so flawlessly that I just fell in love with them. Their movements were so fluid and airy and I think Paul may be my favorite Guy so far!

So anyways, if you haven’t heard of or seen SYTYCD, this is my attempt at getting your attention to the greatest show in the world! And if you already watch it, who is your favorite couple so far??

Can’t wait till next week!

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