Weekend Rundown

This weekend I got a lot accomplished! We are gearing up for a nice long holiday weekend, so we were very content with staying in and getting errands done before we leave town.

I must say, however, that I am very pleased at all that was accomplished in such a relaxed couple days.

I was served a delicious Spicy Scallop Pad Thai  by the Hubby.

Photo Jun 28, 9 52 02 PM

Enjoyed hanging with friends we haven’t seen in too long. Ate great food and played movie trivia!

Photo Jun 29, 9 03 33 PM

Bought lots of diapers.

Photo Jun 30, 2 29 08 PM

Worked on some design projects at home. I am designing some business cards for my blog and personal use. I am also working on Brett’s “Band” artwork for his upcoming EP release. I’ll be sure to post more on that when it happens!

Photo Jun 30, 2 41 33 PM

Visited my local YMCA to check out the facility. Could be my new gym! I love that they have a pool and an adult swim team.

Photo Jun 30, 6 11 19 PM

Hung out with Rylee, of course.

Photo Jun 29, 4 49 38 PM

And enjoyed my new favorite appetizer. A caprese salad/bruschetta bite with balsamic glaze.

Photo Jun 30, 6 08 16 PM

All that and the typical weekend errands, laundry, grocery shopping and a little bit of cleaning calls for a pretty accomplished weekend.

I am ready for a short work week and the Fourth of July weekend!

What did you accomplish this weekend?

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  1. Lenore meyers
    July 1, 2013 at 1:21 pm (4 years ago)

    Wow I’m not saying a word .


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