Everybody’s Packing for the Weekend

This weekend, Brett, Rylee and I are heading down to Singer Island to celebrate Independence Day at my parent’s timeshare on the beach. I cannot be more excited to lay around and enjoy the summer sun. It has been a while since I have been to the beach or even to the pool for that matter!

I must say the packing for this trip was quite extensive.


And that doesn’t even include all of the travel equipment for the little one!

It is a little tricky packing for two. Add in that those two are girls and one of them is a baby and you have got quite a challenge on your hands! I pretty much packed everything in both Rylee and I’s closet, because I need options and you never know how many outfits Rylee will need in one day! (Moms, you know what I mean!)

Needless to say, our car was jam packed and our hotel room looks like a hurricane hit!

We arrived today (in the rain!!) and needed a bell cart to get everything up to the room! It’s funny, last year’s vacation, Brett and I brought 2 duffle bags. That’s it.

Anyways, hoping for a bright and sunny day tomorrow so we can enjoy our holiday soaking up the sun!

Hope you all have a happy Fourth of July!!

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