Monday Mealprep Post on Friday

I know this is a little late, but I did prep my meals for the week!

I did something a little different than my previous posts. But it was still just as easy and I think I am a little obsessed with my new meal plan!

Instead of prepping individual meals, I prepped various salad ingredients on Monday, so when the time came to pack my lunch, all I have to do was compile all the ingredients into one container to bring to work.


I created a salad with 2 kinds of lettuce, an iceberg/veggie mix and a leafy greens mix, sliced tomato and red onion (leftover from our BBQ this passed weekend), red pepper, edamame, and cucumber.

For protein, I just rolled up and sliced some Boar’s Head chicken cold cuts from the deli.

I made a homemade balsamic dressing that I just kept in a container at work for the week.

And my favorite addition to the salad… sesame sticks. Just a few of them added such a savory flavor and the perfect texture crunch that you must have in a great salad.


Usually it is easy for me to get tired of eating salads everyday but I did not get sick of this salad at all! In fact, I looked forward to eating it every single day!

I think I might try this again and start getting creative with what toppings I can add for next week!

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