The Sh!t No One Tells You by Dawn Dais


I completed Book #2 on my 2013 Goodreads Book Challenge! And I must say that I have mixed feelings about it.

The Sh!t No One Tells You by Dawn Dais was a book I saw recommended in one of my Parents Magazine articles. (Yes, I have become a Mom and my reading preferences now reflect it.)

A sample paragraph got me hooked right away and I decided to purchase it since I am going through my first year of parenting currently. The title and sample paragraph reminded me a lot of my “Tell it how it is” rant post, Pregnancy Schmegnancy.

In the beginning of the book, Dawn recommends skipping around from chapter to chapter, depending on what you are experiencing in your parenting adventure, but I decided to read straight through, and noticed myself going through a mix of emotions!

The first half of the book I read through thinking to myself that this book is made mostly for women who are currently pregnant, with WARNING signs exuding from the pages. Most of those warnings I had already experienced and chuckled at the similar accounts of postpartum theatrics that no one tells you about. (Again see my post Pregnancy Schmegancy for more details)

As I continued to read more and more inconceivable scenarios, I wondered how I would feel if I had read through this before experiencing these moments myself. Would I even believe them, or would I take this book as some kind of over exaggerated horror story? (I’d love to hear a first-time pregnant person’s review of the first half of the book to get their thoughts!)

The second half of the book actually got me thinking this way, probably because more advice that I hadn’t experienced started breaching the pages. Some of the later chapters I found myself thinking, “No way. That will never happen to Brett and I.” But – if the first half of the book was true… I might have to believe the second half and take it into consideration for the rest of this first year of parenting!

I enjoyed the personality and the “realness” of this book. The Author interviewed plenty of other mothers as well and there is a great deal of advice in there for any new parent. I enjoyed the laughter I got from the first half and am taking into consideration the advice given in the second half. I may need to reference it later!

I recommend picking this up if you are prego and want to know “The Sh!t No One Tells You!” It will surely give you a run for your money and prepare you for your postpartum adventure!

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