Rylee’s First Week at Daycare

This week was little Rylee’s first week of school! Well, daycare… but it is such a great place to learn it is practically a school!

Getting ready to go! (As you can see she is very excited) Bye Wintson!

Getting ready to go! (As you can see she is very excited) Bye Winston!

We chose this daycare because of the emphasis they put on education and social skills. As she gets older, they start to introduce a variety of classes that teach the children all sorts of things like music, sign language, and computers, to name a few, all at advanced levels. I am so excited to speak sign language to Rylee, how cool is that?

Plus the facility is practically brand new and very modern. And a bonus – I now have the ability to watch Rylee on the computer while at work!

Rylee's Personal Crib

Rylee’s Personal Crib

I must admit, dropping Rylee off on Monday morning was a bit rough. The receptionist even noticed it in my facial expression, calling out “Are you new?” as I hesitated by the entrance. I could not help but to get choked up a bit as I left. Had to take a minute in the car before heading to work, but it got easier as the week went on. Everyone is so nice there and they have reported that she is doing really well.

And she's made herself comfortable already!

And she’s made herself comfortable already!

Now that Rylee is in the hands of strangers in a way, and not with Grandma or Nana anymore, I had to try really hard to not let myself doubt our decisions to leave her at daycare. It is so easy to feel guilty about leaving her somewhere outside of our sacred home all day long, but I know it is going to be a great experience for her to grow and learn and be social. I enjoy going to work and it is essential for us to keep up our current lifestyle that we enjoy so much. I know that Brett and I are doing our best to be good parents and give Rylee everything she deserves. Daycare is already beginning to show it’s benefits to our family, I have a feeling all the excitement and other babies really tire her out because she has been sleeping extraordinarily well at night!

2 Comments on Rylee’s First Week at Daycare

  1. Kristin Stafford
    August 2, 2013 at 4:50 pm (4 years ago)

    Daycare is a wonderful thing! It was absolutely hard leaving him with “Strangers” but he LOVES it, and everyone is so nice. It’s amazing the things they have taught him thus far. His motor skills and people skills grow everyday he’s there. For mothers day this year I even got a card with his tiny hand print on it, so cute! This is a great blog for new moms! :)

    • Jane
      August 2, 2013 at 5:26 pm (4 years ago)

      Thank you Kristin! That really makes me so excited that my little one will get to experience those same things! I know they have a lot they can teach her, so it really does make me feel better about daycare! Thanks for your support and the positive remarks!


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