The Life of A Single Parent

Ok, no I am not a single parent, as you all know. But- last night I got a glimpse of what life is like for a single working mother.

My husband, Brett, often travels for several days during the week for work, and I have been dreading the first trip of his since becoming a mom and what it would be like to take care of the family all by myself after a full day of work

Planning out every detail in advance, from Rylee and my outfits for the day to meal planning helped every bit! Because of my compulsive planning self, my schedule of events went exactly according to my compulsive little plan!

5:30 pm – Leave Work

Photo Aug 05, 5 46 12 PM

It ended up being 5:50pm by the time I got out of the parking garage.

6:10 pm – Arrive at Day Care to pick up Rylee

6:15 pm – Walk Winston (Actually more like throw him in the backyard for a bit, sorry Winnie!)
6:30 pm – Can’t believe I actually found the time for a home work out!


In between rotating Rylee to different positions around the house of course.
7:30 pm – Shower
8:00 pm – Feed Rylee
8:30 pm – Feed Myself

Photo Aug 05, 8 47 43 PM

Nothing special, but super easy and really yummy! (Plus the chicken was only 290 calories, score!)

9 pm – Clean bottles, pack my lunch, pack Rylee’s Lunch

9:30 pm – Watch 1 TV show
10:30 pm – Get Ready for Bed
11 pm – Feed Rylee one more time
11:30 pm – Sleep.

I give all you single moms out there a lot of credit for having to do this alone EVERY night. It takes a ton of organization and some serious lack of down time, especially if your trying to get a good workout in. I commend you, full time working moms, your hard work and love is very much appreciated in my book!

I was really nervous about all of the things that I would have to do on my own when Brett was out of town, but I must be blessed with an amazing child because after her first feeding she was pretty much conked out and let me do all of the chores I needed to accomplish before bed. (At least last night, we’ll see about tonight!) That dinner surely was a breeze too! I love popping items in the oven or microwave and poof! Dinner is served!

don’t think I did so bad on my first day on my own. But definitely excited for Brett to come home! He takes such good care of us, and he can cook! 😉

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