10 Gross AND Healthy Things for Baby?

10 Gross & Healthy Things for Baby

Ok, so now that I am a Mom, I have probably subscribed to about 10,000 email alerts from a variety of parenting resources on things like savings, tips, advice and more. Some are amazingly helpful and some are timed to Rylee’s age so are completely accurate in what I am experiencing. And some are just plain entertaining.

Like the article I am about to expose to you now:  “10 Gross and Healthy Things for Mom and Baby” by http://www.Mom365.com.

Some of these things I didn’t think were too bad, but as the list went on, I started to wonder if people actually do some of them! They really are GROSS! Read below for the full list and let me know what number you would stop at!

1. Wash with Non-Antibacterial Soap. You all have heard about good and bad bacteria right? Well, cleaning baby with non-antibacterial soap helps keep some of those good bacteria there so baby’s immune system can continue to grow.

2. Get Down and Dirty. You never hear a parent actually telling their kids to “Get Dirty.” But it is a great way to build your child’s immune system. Apparently, that is why a majority of children today have so many allergies, because parents aren’t exposing them to enough harmful elements to let their immune systems develop.

3. Doggie Love. According to this article, it is said that having your baby around dogs, or other pets, will reduce their risk of being allergic to them by 50% as they grow up. I am into this one and using it as comfort when little Winnie gives kisses in Rylee’s mouth… I mean on her face.

4. Fish Milk. Or fish oil, which when you think about it, is kind of gross, especially to think about the fishy after taste of the supplement. Fish Oil supplements have made a big entrance into the supplement world and people are raving about the benefits of taking them daily. Well, they are good for your child’s brain development too, and can be passed to your infant through your breast milk, hence “Fish Milk.”

5. Sucking on your baby’s pacifier. It is said that oral microbes can be passed from parent to infant via the pacifier and these microbes can aid in the protection against allergy development. I looked this up separately and found a study by the American Academy of Pediatrics on it! Pretty interesting!

6. Spit Shine. This one made me laugh. My Dad used to always clean our faces with a little dab of spit! And I have to admit, I’ve done it a few times to Rylee when I wasn’t in arms reach of a face wipe. Just another way to pass those healthy microbes to baby.

7. Breast Milk, Everywhere. We know breast milk is like a magic potion for baby’s nutritional needs, but can it really help with diaper rash? According to this article, it can, along with a bunch of other issues like ear infections and pink eye. Might be a bit of a stretch, but hey, if you got it, why not try it?

8. Poop During Labor. To help baby’s digestive system? I mean, it’s not like you try to do this during labor, but at least now you don’t have to feel embarrassed by it. You did it for the health of your baby right? Just go with it.

9. Pre-mastication. Pre-what? If your like me, you don’t know what this is, so maybe you need to watch Alicia Silverstone feed her son like a bird on YouTube.  The benefit, once again, is the transfer of that healthy bacteria from mommy to baby. I’d rather suck on the pacifier.

10. Eating the Placenta. OK, really? It is assumed that the placenta, which fed your baby for 9 months, has vital nutrients that can be passed on through breast milk. Did you know you could dry your placenta and place it into capsules?

So, after reading the list of these Gross Things… what number would you stop at? Leave a comment and let me know!

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