Weekend Roundup & My New Favorite Running App

Just like the week, this weekend flew by!

As promised, I have to share Brett’s Gourmet Dinner Friday night:

Tuna and lo mein brett cooking

Ginger and Wasabi Marinated Yellowfin Tuna with Vegetable Lo Mein.

And it was gone just as soon as it was served.

Tuna and lo mein brett cookingSaturday, Brett and I ran a few errands and at night we met up with some good friends Amanda and Courtney. I forgot to snap a picture, but Courtney, who was in town for work from Chicago, got to meet Rylee for the first time! It was great to catch up.

Sunday, Brett’s Parents came into town to hang out and see Rylee. She changes so quickly now, so every time they come into town she is completely different!

She was jabbering a lot and holding her head up so good!


rylee and brett

Rylee and Daddy

This weekend, I also spent a lot of time on the West Orange Trail and went running on Saturday and Sunday morning! It was so encouraging to run on the trail this past weekend because it is always buzzing with people and everyone is so nice, saying good morning to you. One guy even encouraged me to keep going when I had to stop briefly to recover from a really bad cramp! It was great to get out and about with other motivated runners and bikers!

I also fell in love with a new app that I downloaded to track my runs called Runkeeper.

The interface is so easy to use and is really neat and organized. I love that it keeps track of your personal bests and lets you set and track goals!

running app

My favorite part about the app, is that while you are running, it gives you an update of where you are every 5 minutes. The app reads to you your time, distance, and average pace. I thought at first that this would get really annoying, but as I continued my run, I looked forward to the updates, and it prevented me from having to stop running to check my stats, which I used to have to do.

running app

I really enjoyed using this app and it makes me want to keep running to reach the goal I set for myself!

Does anyone else have a favorite Running App?

What are some other fitness apps out there that you just absolutely love?

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