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Ever find yourself thinking to yourself, “What should we have to eat?” Well, that is a very common question asked at our home. We love trying new restaurants and sandwich shops are one of our absolute favorites. Especially ones with crazy sandwich combinations.

This past weekend, while my brother was still in town, I wanted to go somewhere for lunch that was different. Not sure of where to go, we looked up Urbanspoon and Yellow Dog Eats came up as the top sandwich shop in our area.

Yellow Dog Eats

Yellow Dog Eats Back Entrance

The restaurant was really cute. It looked like an old house, and was actually in a residential area with houses right next door. When you walk in from the back, there is an outside garden seating area, dogs welcome. Inside, there is a little shop with a variety of sauces and bottles of wine for sale. You order at the register and they call you up to pick your food up when its ready. We sat on the first floor, but we noticed there was more seating upstairs.

I decided to have a little Monday Funday and order a specialty brew. It was really delicious and reminded me of my favorite beer, Magic Hat #9.

Yellow Dog Eats

Boont Amber Ale, CA

Yellow Dog Eats

Brothers-in-law < Twins

Waiting for our food, I snapped a few photos. Are they twins??

You can see the cool little shop area in the background of this picture.

Then the food came. My sandwich was called the Holy Crap.

Yellow Dog Eats

House Specialty – The Holy Crap

It was a honey roasted turkey sandwich, with a basil mayo, avocado, red onion, apple-wood smoked bacon, and goat cheese all pressed on whole grain bread and melted to perfection.

You can imagine what I said after biting into that baby, “Holy Crap! That’s good.”

I would say we had a winning lunch to end the holiday weekend.

2 Comments on Neighborhood Hidden Gem

  1. lenore
    September 3, 2013 at 4:14 pm (4 years ago)

    how original. Looks like fun!

    • Jane
      September 3, 2013 at 4:34 pm (4 years ago)

      It was delicious, too! We will have to take you there next time you are visiting!


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