30 Day Ab Challenge – Day 11

30 Day Ab Challenge Day 11

Today, I completed my routine in front of the TV watching the first day of NFL Football! The family was hyped and ready to go!

brett and rylee football

 Today’s ab routine resulted in the following:

  • Flutter Kicks (1 on each leg = 1 Flutter Kick)
    • 1 set of 65
    • 1 set of 56
    • 1 set of 60
    • 1 set of 69
  • Triple Plank Hops (1 left, 1 center, 1 right, 1 center = 1 Triple Plank Hop)
    • 1 set of 20
    • 1 set of 20
    • 1 set of 15
    • 1 set of 15
    • 1 set of 10
  • Mountain Climbers
    • 1 set of 50
    • 1 set of 30

Total Workout Time: 23 minutes

Although this weekend consisted of a lot of BBQ, chips and dips, and a few beers, I really wanted to make sure I stuck with the 30 day challenge and completed my daily routines. A lot of the time it is so easy for me to miss a workout or push it off till later if I feel like my diet has been less than par. I always feel as though I wouldn’t be getting results anyways if I ate that way so what’s the point? With this challenge, it is keeping me on a schedule by giving me a specific workout each day, so I feel great that I actually completed it during such an eventful weekend and through all of the tailgate foods!

Let’s keep going! It is still a great achievement for the day to complete these routines so don’t give up! Track your progress with me in my comments section and let me know how you are doing!

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