An Outdoor Kind of Saturday

Today we got to explore a little bit more of Winter Garden. It just keeps offering more and more great family friendly benefits and I love calling it home!

We headed off early this morning to our local dog park.

Dog Park

Winston was so excited to explore the new playground!

dog park

The park was very nice, and completely shaded. The smaller dog area had great obstacles and little doggy houses for the pups to play in.

We totally tried to get Winston to climb the doggy ramp!

dog park

Get on here Win…

dog park

There you go, Buddy!

dog park

Aaaand your done.

We could not get him to go all the way across, but maybe if we keep coming on the weekends, we can teach him a new trick. He’s only 6. No? We’ll try anyways. :)

After dropping Win off back home, the family headed out to meet our old neighbors for tennis at a great park just 5 minutes from our house. It was so lively with little league baseball and football games going on all morning.

Rylee was so good the entire time, and just hung out in her stroller while we hit the court.


The tennis courts were so nice and there was a little playground that our friends kids could play at while we played tennis. Brett and I were so excited to check out this park and have a place to play tennis for free. We used to have to pay at our old location and it was always booked up with tournaments.

There was a lot of action on the courts this morning, and it was great to be around a bunch of active community people.

It started getting really hot on the courts so we called it for the day and ended up being the last ones to leave.

Afterwards, I was so in the mood for frozen yogurt, so Brett and I tried out a new place that we had passed by at our local shopping center.

Red Mango

They had a bunch of really interesting flavors, and it was definitely refreshing after a hot day.

Red Mango

My favorite flavor…. Ghirardelli White Chocolate. The fresh kiwi and chocolate covered pretzel were a fun addition as well.

Now we are rooting on our UCF Knights on College Game Day! Big game against Penn State!  U-C-F Knights Goooooo Knights!

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