ABC’s and Eating Peas

This just in! Rylee is growing way too fast!

Last week she started learning her ABC’s!

rylee art projects

When we pick her up from daycare on Fridays, they send her home with her art projects for the week and she learned letters A and B this past week.

We love our daycare! She will be speaking – or signing – in no time! Yes, they teach the little ones sign language, and Spanish, at a young age. I can’t even image her being able to communicate with us soon. It is so exciting!

In addition to her growing brain, we started to introduce solids into her diet recently. Her milk/formula intake has gone up significantly and our pediatrician said that around 5 months, we can start to introduce solid foods as a supplement.

I did some research on how to know when your infant is ready for solids and found some of the indicators interesting.

  • Baby can sit up, with or without assistance
  • Baby makes chewing motions
  • She shows significant weight gain (birth weight has doubled)
  • Shows interest in the food others around her are eating
  • Can close mouth around a spoon
  • Seems hungry after 8 to 10 feedings of breast milk or 40 oz. of formula in a day

She pretty much showed us all of those signs and Brett and I were so excited for this new milestone. So we have been introducing the idea of spoon feeding to her last week. She hasn’t really been interested at all.

Until this past weekend.

Photo Sep 14, 7 29 33 AM

We fed her first breakfast with baby oatmeal cereal, and she actually seemed interested and swallowed a good amount! (No, we didn’t feed her peas, but I liked that it rhymed with ABC’s! :) )

I couldn’t believe it finally happened this weekend! She still doesn’t love it every time we try, but it is definitely an awesome milestone that we have reached.

Wow Rylee! You are getting so big!

2 Comments on ABC’s and Eating Peas

  1. Month Hacker
    September 17, 2013 at 10:29 pm (4 years ago)

    Awww <3
    Two letters already for a baby so small who has barely started to eat stuff? She is going to be some kid in the following years.

    • Jane
      September 18, 2013 at 12:58 pm (4 years ago)

      I know! Great school! She’s gonna be very bright! :)

      Thanks for reading!


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