30 Day Ab Challenge – Day 21

30 Day Ab Challenge Day 21

Morning!! Today’s Workout started bright and early this morning:

  • 1 set of 86 Eagle Sit Ups
  • 1 set of 64 Eagle Sit Ups
  • 1 set of 45 Plank Ups
  • 1 set of 45 Plank Ups

Total workout time: 18 minutes

I actually really like doing the Plank Ups. I can really feel the burn in my lower abs towards the end of the set, which is where I feel like I need to work the hardest. I’ll have to remember this move for the future!

I had mentioned back on Day 17, that I really wanted to focus more on diet for the remainder of the challenge, and take in more protein to help rebuild my muscles as I continue to work out.

I have never found a protein powder that I enjoyed drinking. I always had to just chug it down with a stink face on and never made it past day 2 of drinking it!

I recently tried Muscle Milk Chocolate Mint protein powder and I can honestly say, I enjoy drinking my protein shakes now. I mixed one scoop of the protein powder with some Almond Milk and it tasted like a delicious milk shake!

Muscle Milk

There are also a ton of flavors and I am pretty excited to continue using this brand and try different ones. Pretty exciting stuff right there.

Have you ever used protein powder as a part of your diet and exercise routine?

Write in the comments below your favorite brand and I’ll have to give it a try!

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