4 Tips to Flying with an Infant

Brett and I always love to visit new places and experience what lifestyles those from there live, the scenery those places have to offer and most importantly, the food!

We have flown quite a few times together and always enjoy the journey to our destination. The hustle and bustle of the airport is always exciting to me because I know I am about to experience something new, and that is an amazing feeling.

That was before baby. Everything was simpler then.

This weekend, I got a great opportunity to travel to Scottsdale, Arizona for work. And because it is a trip taking place over the weekend, they offered to send Brett (and Rylee of course, but she’s free) along with me. We were stoked that they would offer this opportunity to us both, and Brett and I just could not pass it up!


The Phoenician Resort, Scottsdale, Arizona


As it is, for a normal trip away from home, I always take the time to really think through every, little detail, to make sure everything is organized and well planned. There is a lot of prep for the trip, not only for work, but now I also have to include planning to travel with a 5 month old.

I have never flown with her before, so the idea of it at first was quite overwhelming.

My pre-planning self made sure to start packing early this week and look into all necessary TSA and US Airways details and guidelines for traveling with a baby.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the answers to my questions really put my mind to ease. A few of the details that I found, that I thought were most important, I’ve shared in the list below:

  1. Bringing a Stroller and/or Car Seat. You do not need to check your stroller as luggage. You can bring your stroller all the way through security, and check it at the gate. They take it from you as you board and have it waiting for you as you exit, similar to how they treat wheelchairs. If you are bringing a stroller and a car seat, you will have to pay a checked bag fee for one or the other. However, if you are like us, and your car seat connects to your stroller, you do not have to pay any fees and they are both checked in at the gate together.
  2. Bringing Formula/Breastmilk through Security. TSA guidelines do not restrict the container size of any breastmilk or formula that you bring through security, as long as it is within reasonable quantities for the length of your flight. You also do not need to put these containers in a clear zip lock bag. You do have to let the security guard know that you have these items on you, and they are subject to detailed searches, which could result in them opening your containers.
  3. Online Check-in and Boarding Passes. You cannot check in online for your flight and print your boarding passes online a head of time if you are traveling with an infant. To travel with an infant, you must check in at the gate, so be prepared to wait in line and get to the airport with plenty of time to spare.
  4. Car Seats on Air crafts. You can use your car seat on the plane, as long as it is FAA-approved. And, if you have not purchased a ticket for your infant and there is an empty seat on the plane near you, you can bring your FAA-approved car seat onto the plane to use, without having to purchase a ticker. (Updated: After taking my trip to Arizona, I confirm that this in indeed true! There were empty seats near us and we were able to use the car seat in the seat next to me on both flights.)

I am sure I will have many more fun facts to share about traveling with a baby once we get on our way!

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