Western Weekend in Arizona – Part II

Our second day in Arizona, I spent working pretty much all day while Brett hung around the hotel and surrounding area with Rylee.

There was a huge EDM (Electronic Dance Music) Festival going on at our hotel and the street it was on was completely closed off.

Soundwaves Arizona

Other bars in the area had DJ’s as well, but the W was one of the featured venues and all of its residents had complimentary access to the hotel’s pool where the festival was taking place.

Brett got to hang there for a while with Rylee in tow.

Arizona, Rylee

Once I got back from our event, we all got together in the lobby bar for some drinks, and I had to go upstairs to check out the festival.

The pool was really neat and had a great view.




As the night went on, we decided to walk down to the strip of restaurants near our hotel and enjoyed appetizers at Olive and Ivy and some pizza at Sauce. (Which as I was finding these links, I just found out are both underneath the same parent company! The company also includes Culinary Dropout which we went to on our first night in Scottsdale!) On our way back, we stopped off at Sprinkles for cupcakes for dessert.

And, then this happened:


As we left Sprinkles, we passed by American Apparel and saw those bad boys in the window. We had seen some other guys at the hotel wearing ridiculous leggings before, I guess it is an EDM attire thing?

Anyways, Brett was dared to wear them back to the hotel if someone else bought them.


And he did.


We also bought him a shot.

Rylee was such a champ and let us hang out by the pool until we were all spent. She was so good even with that loud music playing!


We didn’t stay up too late, since we needed to catch an early flight, so we said goodnight to get ready and pack everything up.

We were so lucky to have this opportunity to experience Scottsdale. We left feeling very satisfied and fortunate at all of the fun and free time we got to have.

On the way to the airport, there was just one thing that I needed to accomplish that I hadn’t yet.

Take a picture with a real cactus in the desert!


Mission Accomplished!


I would love to visit Scottsdale again on a vacation some time. It is great that we have family there and I also have a friend that I didn’t get the chance to visit with this time around who lives there too. That calls for another trip in my book!

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