Meeting Rylee’s Aunties

My long vacation weekend went by way too fast! It was pretty much just non-stop action and meeting with all of my friends who still live down south in the area.

One of my best friends even flew in from L.A.!

Rylee was so excited to meet all of her Aunties!

Photo Sep 28, 4 01 13 PM

Photo Sep 28, 4 01 40 PM

Photo Sep 28, 11 44 59 AM

Rylee, Me and My Maid of Honor/Best Friend, Auntie Lauren

We hung out by the pool all day Saturday and cheered on our College Football teams!

Photo Sep 28, 12 53 21 PM

Go Knights!

Photo Sep 29, 3 25 32 PM

Me, Rylee and my Bridesmaid/Best Friend, Auntie Samantha

After everyone met the mini-Johnston, we got to spend some adult time out with our friends!  Photo Sep 28, 10 38 26 PM

Jane and Brett

It was great to get dressed up and hit the town with everyone! It made the weekend go by so fast though!

The rest of the weekend was just spent taking it all in at the pool and a little bit on the beach.

I can’t believe the weekend I have been looking forward to for so long is over!

Now I have the Thanksgiving Holiday to look forward to, where I will see everyone again!

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