Weekend of Firsts

What a great weekend we had!

I can’t believe all of the wonderful firsts we experienced and baby milestones!

1. First, I have to give props to my alma mater, the University of Central Florida’s football team for beating a top 10 ranked team, for the first time, this past weekend and making the rankings themselves! It was an incredible feeling to see our team make this great accomplishment! Photo Oct 20, 2 21 43 PM

2. We found 2 bottom teeth peeking through little Ry’s gums! I couldn’t believe that she has teeth already!

3. Our little girl tried pears for the first time this weekend, and loved them!

rylee, high chair
3. Ry started to roll over on her own and then slept on her tummy! Talk about baby milestone overload!

4. I attempted my first try at Halloween House decorating.

My dollar store raid:

halloweenI loaded up on a ton of cheapo items at the dollar store to decorate the house, but didn’t realize that you need a lot more stuff to decorate the outside of your house to make it look good! Also, I have no clue how to hang this stuff! Hopefully my ideas for the night of Halloween will hold up! :) (Hint: my idea involves glow sticks and strobe lights)

I did, however, somewhat redeem myself with my pinterest ghost project!

Photo Oct 19, 1 54 31 PM

Some wooden stakes, white fabric, black felt, and a few other random house hold items I had on hand helped create these guys, a project that I found on pinterest:


I consider it redemption, considering the huge fail of the other puny decorations I found. Which you can see a little bit in the following photos.



At least Brett was scared! :)

5. And to conclude this post, I am stretching a little, only because I want to include this: We took Brett’s mom to Yellow Dog Eats for the FIRST time and I tried a delicious Curry Chicken Wrap for the FIRST time. :)

yellow dog eats

yellow dog eats


What was one thing that you accomplished or tried for the first time this weekend? Leave a comment in the section below, I would love to hear from you!

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