Time For Breakfast

Last night and into this morning, Rylee was not a happy camper. She is growing so fast now and going through a ton of changes. Her teeth are coming in, which I am sure is painful, and she is starting to become more uncomfortable when she sleeps, tossing and turning in all different positions during the night. She just started rolling over on her own and I think she is starting to sleep on her side.

She woke up extremely early this morning and was just not happy at all. After tending to her and making sure she was happy this morning, I found myself with a ton of extra time to do things like make a pot of coffee and cook a fresh healthy breakfast before leaving for work.


I made an egg sandwich with Swiss cheese, fresh spinach and tomato, and even had time to enjoy it with my coffee before having to leave.


It was actually really nice to get up so early and have some extra time to enjoy breakfast before getting to work. I’m not sure I can be upset that little Ryles woke up so early! :)

What’s your morning routine like?

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