30 Day Ab Challenge Testimonial

I have been getting more and more questions and comments from my readers that have start the 30 Day Ab Challenge. I am so excited to hear all of your feedback on the challenge. One of my readers, Sam, sent in some pictures of her progress. That is so exciting!

This is her status at only half way into the challenge! 30 Day Ab CHallenge - Half WayShe is looking and feeling great! She says, “I’m eating better and doing my kickboxing routine along with it, but I think the ab challenge is definitely helping. I feel stronger, it definitely works!”

I am so thrilled about her response and participation in sending me photos of her progress!

If you have started the 30 day ab challenge, please send me your photos and let me know how you are doing! You can send me an email direct by clicking the “contact me” link on the top left of my blog.

I would love yo hear from you and feature your progress right here on My Squeaky Sneakers! It can help to motive yourself and even inspire others!

So get motivated and take the challenge today! Please leave a comment below to let me know if you’ve taken it on, or if you have any questions. Thanks!!

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