Does anyone else need to take a holiday from their holiday weekend?

I do! But ours was so fantastic and we had so much fun!

Not only did we get to celebrate Thanksgiving in our natural fashion, but we also got to celebrate Hanukkah for 4 nights!

Once we made it home, with Winston and Rylee – for the first time – in tow, we immediately broke out the candles and menorahs.

Photo Nov 28, 5 54 49 PM

Our first night’s gift to our family was our very own menorah!

Photo Nov 27, 9 11 13 PM

And Rylee loved her first Hanukkah gift.

Photo Nov 28, 10 36 00 AM

Thanksgiving was such a success, only this year my full time job was guarding the little princess all day, in between trying to help with prepping for dinner as much as I could.

In the morning we got to watch the Macy’s Parade together!

Photo Nov 28, 10 08 52 AM

Then for lunch, we brought out the appetizers and this wonderful cheese and cracker platter. With caviar… fancy! I’ve never really liked it before but tried it out and it wasn’t too bad! If you like sushi you would probably like it!

Photo Nov 28, 1 03 19 PM

After watching a little bit of football and enjoying some wine we all sat down at the table to enjoy the feast!

Photo Nov 28, 4 07 44 PM

And once again, Brett did the honors and cut the turkey.

Photo Nov 28, 4 12 00 PM

Dinner was so delicious! I didn’t get to take too many pictures in between eating, feeding Rylee and putting her down for her nap, but it was a great success!

Photo Nov 28, 4 28 41 PM

We lit the candles again at sundown and opened our gifts for Hanukkah.

Photo Nov 28, 11 18 44 AM

Photo Nov 28, 11 18 40 AM

Photo Nov 28, 11 18 59 AM

Rylee got quite a few, including her Miami Hurricanes Cheerleader outfit from Uncle Willy, that she wore the next day for the game.

Photo Nov 29, 3 57 19 PM

Photo Nov 29, 3 56 18 PM

Uncle Willy!

But she had to change out of it for the UCF game, of course. Which after a gut wrenching game, we won. Thank goodness! Off to a BCS Bowl Game!

Photo Nov 29, 8 27 21 AM

And who could forget the delicious potato latkes we enjoyed tremendously in honor of Hanukkah on Friday night while watching the game.

Photo Nov 29, 7 14 41 PM

Grandma’s Recipe! The best!

Among the relaxing time we spent with the family while home for the holidays, we also fit in some time to see friends:

Photo Nov 28, 9 15 10 AM

Photo Nov 30, 1 45 09 PM

The Johnstons with Uncle Paul – Brett’s Little Brother (From his fraternity)! :)

Take a mother daughter trip to see the Hunger Games:

Photo Nov 29, 11 03 27 AM

Notice the Mockingjay pin?

And we conducted our 3rd Annual Cornhole Tournament which was a great time with friends!


The 2013 Winners – Lindsay & John!

We had so much fun during the whole trip, but my favorite part was spending qaulity time with my family and friends who I don’t get to see very often.

What was your favorite part of the Holiday Weekend? Would love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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    • Jane
      December 3, 2013 at 4:40 pm (4 years ago)

      Haha! I only let her wear it because her Uncle gave it to her! 😉


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